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  1. been trying everything i know but no use , i feel i might be missing something < will be thankfull if someone help me throw discord server > add me plz ( MermaidEmpress#0317 )
  2. wireless connection from my pc hotspot , i tried using my phone as hotspot while using vpn but i got same problem.. do i need change anything in my switch network setting ?
  3. i used SoftEther , but when i try connect the vpn to the switch , it stoped on ( network device ) it wont let me to have the connection , plz help ♥
  4. can u plz tell me what vpn u using ? cuz i used vpn but it didnt work for me .. do i need change something in switch internet setting? i just bought the game today and really want to play it .. do u have discord or twitter i can text you better? really want play with u i saw your videos in youtube ♥
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