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  1. As far as ive seen the typical dragon killer from dragon warrior 2 is absent from DQX but there is a Dragon Buster 2 handed sword. Level 42 requirement and +20% damage to dragons. The blue dragon-dinosaur monsters outside Garrant Castle drop them as I recall... This may help... https://dq10.i-k-e.net/item/ドラゴンバスター
  2. I think you're right about the armor Tenshi.
  3. Is it possible to visit the team house if you're still playing the trial? I've been on the trial on PS4 for awhile now but never tried it.
  4. Wing helmet guy... Does he also wear glasses and a red cape? If so then you're still in the offline prologue portion of the game. Once he joins your party you need to gear up and leave the town. Head north and look for a cave. There arent a lot of places to explore in the prologue so its pretty easy to find your way.
  5. Just throwing this out there: Getting the dollar board is a massive quality-of-life improvement over walking. You will save loads of time, especially once you upgrade it to turbo mode. I tend to be pretty miserly about things like this but once I started using it I couldn't stop. You could always complete the quest and then wait until you have more cash on hand to start riding it. Effective use of the ruler stone system, which is completely free, can help save tons of travel time as well.
  6. The quest to get the dollar board (scooter) is also included in the guide.
  7. Check out my version 1 guide. It covers the Glen Castle key emblem you're doing, all of the other minor key emblems, major key emblems and the job change quest as well. You can find it here.. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/pc/802052-dragon-quest-x-all-in-one-package/faqs/78110
  8. Tetsuya - you can't just walk from one races area to another. They are actually different islands and you must take a train to go from one to another (ruler stone aside anyway) I believe the green icon in the train menu is for the Wind Town Azlan. You can access the train from any of the major towns.
  9. You could put them in storage. Its nice to have multiple sets of gear in case you want to try a different class later. Personally I only ever used Gladiator for main quests though I did level 30 my other classes to get the stat boosts. I kept all of the class specific gear from the class quests in storage in case I decide to switch.
  10. The extended offline campaign, featuring the main characters sibling, has been unplayable on all of the modern platforms for which the game has been released. Until now the only way to play this has been if you had a Japanese Wii and the original media (discs and 16gb thumb drive). This workaround uses emulation to get the original Wii version running on a (modest, yet capable) PC without the need for a Japanese Wii or the thumb drive. You will, however, need either the original game discs or an image of the discs. Procurement of the images of these discs WILL NOT be discussed here, nor will the images be made available here. What you need: You need to make .ISO rips of your game discs. There are many free programs available for this sort of thing. You will need about 8-10gb of space on your PC hard drive as Dolphin Emulator installs the game channel on your HDD as a sort of virtual version of the 16gb thumb drive. Once it is installed you may delete the .ISO files to save space as they are no longer necessary. Thanks to our friends over at Dolphin Emulator we have a working Gamecube/Wii emulator to run on our PC's. The first step to getting this going is to go to https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Dragon_Quest_X:_Mezameshi_Itsutsu_no_Shuzoku_Online and scroll down to the Configuration section. Above it you will see "Fixed in 5.0-5291." Click the numbers to go to the download page and then download Dolphin Emulator version 5.0-5291. *The current version of Dolphin Emulator WILL NOT run DQX. The only working version I know of as of the writing of this is 5.0-5921* Once you have unzipped Dolphin run the .exe file inside to start the emulator. Choose TOOLS>Perform Online System Update>Japan. This will connect to the Wii servers and set up a Japanese System Menu in Dolphin. You will need an internet connection of course. Next press the Graphics button on the main menu and choose the HACKS tab. Check the box that says "Skip EFB Access from CPU." The game will not boot correctly if this is unchecked. Next go to FILE>OPEN and select your disc 1 .ISO file that you ripped from your game disc. It will load the game installer and have three choices. Choose the top to install. It will then do a countdown from 100%. Once it reaches zero it will ask for disc 2. Tab over to the Dolphin main menu and choose FILE>Change Disc then select your disc 2 .ISO file. It will do another 100% countdown and then say that the game has been installed. It will then restart to the Wii main menu. Choose the DQX channel to begin gameplay. In order to play again later you will open Dolphin and go to TOOLS>Load Wii System Menu X.Xj. this will load the Wii menu and then you can select the game to begin. I was able to run through the prologue and begin the extended offline portion without any trouble once it was set up this way. I set up an old PS2 controller so it felt a little more like my time on the PS4 version. The graphics can be tweaked a bit to make them a little nicer too, if your system is capable of that sort of thing. Anyway. Cheers folks and enjoy. 😁
  11. Welcome Mae ! I'm glad to see that my v1 guide has been useful to people and even more glad that someone is planning to continue it and write a v2 guide. Hopefully one day we can have English guides for all 5 versions. Be sure to post it here when you're finished so we can all enjoy.
  12. I can't ^_^ My US 3ds only has access to the US eshop and DQX is only available on the JP eshop.
  13. Here is the screen it is showing me. In the main 3ds menu before I start the gane it says there is an update available but it says failed to update every time I try it. The website that it says to go to in the picture is Square Enix troubleshooting.. https://support.jp.square-enix.com/main.php?id=2620&la=0
  14. My 3ds is running a custom firmware (it is soft modded) but it is completely up to date. Everything else works just like a regular, off the shelf 3ds. eshop and everything is fine. The firmware I am running is region-free but it is a US model 3ds. I was under the impression that there was a trial period I could access similar to the PS4, where no sub would be required until the trial was over with. I don't remember seeing anywhere to enter any kind of sub/ticket number..
  15. I recently came into possession of a 3ds and have DQX installed on it but it wont let me on. It seems to be some kind of problem connecting to the server. Has this version been discontinued or am I running into an IP block of some sort..?
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