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  1. My equip bag has space left in it.. Not to sound like a complete goof or anything but what is the concierge thing?
  2. I'm still on the trial but i have completed the first three advancement quests for Battlemaster (179, 180, 181 I believe) according to the online quest guide I should have received gear for completing these quests but I didnt get any when I completed them. Anyone know whats up?
  3. Okay so thanks a lot for the help with those questions. I was able to complete the scooter quest and the following quest as well, which is seems like it extends the range from 30min/fuel to 60min/fuel? I also completed the Superstar job quest though it may have been easier to do as a Martial Artist than what I did. I am still having trouble with the skill reset quest. I found the large flame in the castle in Ogres 2nd city and I talked with the guy there to start the quest. According to the quest guide at dragon-quest.jp I'm supposed to go to kill Geryuon in northwest of Glen territory to get the light of charity and then take it to an old woman in Glen castle town. I saw the gold circle in northwest Glen territory, killed the lion looking monster and got an item and now the gold circle is on an old woman in Glen castle town at B5 just like the guide says except when I talk to her she just says she needs the light of charity. Am i missing something? My inventory was pretty full is it possible I couldnt get the item because I didnt have space? EDIT: Scratch my last question. I can see the item in my inventory under key items. Any ideas why i cant continue the quest?
  4. A couple questions for the DQX gurus... For the Superstar job unlock quest I need to kill a clown with super high tension. How do I achieve super high tension to do so? How can I reset stat points so I can re allocate them? How do I get one of those neat buggies I see people cruising around on? I haven't quite figured out the ruler stone so I'm walking everywhere and its a big time waster.
  5. Not sure about Switch but i've been playing it on PS4 without a VPN. Only the prologue is technically offline though I'm pretty sure you need an internet connection to play it. There's just no other players around during the prologue. The story is pretty cool though difficult to understand because of the language barrier. With the exception of a quick thumbs up to other players here and there I haven't been interacting with anyone else at all. Hiring other players' characters as NPC helpers and following the main story is a lot of fun and totally worth it. The game feels more like DQ with an MMO twist than a DQ themed MMO if that makes any sense.
  6. Yes I've been using that site as well. Unfortunately it seems that Chrome translator likes to spit out the wrong direction from that site which has led to my getting lost a few times. The guide is coming along. I almost have my 5th minor key emblem and I have 4/6 of the advanced job quests written up completely. The other 2 are outlined but i want to play them and write them out fully. Another couple weeks and i should be able to finish v1 and the first 6 advanced job unlock quests.
  7. Ok so I figured out the quest to unlock Battlemaster/Gladiator. Who knew that the flower is literally sold in the shop upstairs... That didnt take me half as long to figure out as it did for me to actually get the final blow on a Dead Pecker with those trial gauntlets... I'd really like to add the unlock quests for each job to the guide but its going to take far too long. Frankly i'm not all that interested in some of the classes either. I usually lean heavily towards the physical jobs rather than the mage classes. If someone wants to write up the job unlock quests that could be cool and a big contribution to the guide. I've already written up the one for Battlemaster/Gladiator. Otherwise for a status update i'm working my way through the weddie 1st emblem (which will be my 4th) Edit: I'm attaching the write-up I did for the BM/Glad unlock quest I mentioned. This gives an idea of the format i'm using (extreme informality) so you guys know what to expect from the guide and in case anyone wants to contribute to the job quest section. DQXJobs0.1.docx
  8. Oh its a huge job to be sure. I'm sure that the job info, side quests, crafting info, etc. would be more work than a straight walkthrough. I don't really even know where I am (completion-wise) in v1. I imagine i'm probably 1/2 way (3 emblems down, 3 to go and whatever comes after getting 6 emblems) I may stop altogether after v1. Its not terribly difficult work but being a dad and having a full-time job as well make it mostly a weekend affair for me. Also I have never written any kind of guide before so simple things (like using the map grid to explain where a cave/town/exit are) seem to be popping up after parts have already been written, meaning I then have to go back to amend everything i've already done so it works. And don't get me started on choosing content.. Part of the reason i've chosen to write a bare bones walkthrough is because (as Cran said..) there is just a TON of content. 🤯
  9. Thanks.. I've been through that website a few times already. The problem for that quest is that I know I need to get a flower of some kind but the quest description online isn't specific on where to find it.
  10. It'll be a companion to a good sense of exploration. In other words im happy to show you how I got through the main quests but finding chests, equipment/party selection, crafting, side quests, etc. you're on your own. I would like to be able to access some of the secondary jobs though and I cant figure out the quests to unlock them. Namely Battlemaster, Paladin, Magic Warrior (armamentalist?), Ranger and Sage. If someone can help me figure those out i'd be glad to add them to my writeup. I will be including some side quests that are important to basic function of playthrough. So far ive written up the quest for changing occupations and the quest for hiring npc help from the tavern. At this point I have the first 3 key emblems and it probably wont be long before I'm looking at the end of v1 (which im assuming is after I get 6 key emblems) Once I finish v1 I'll proofread and upload what I have. 😏
  11. Cool cool. Thanks. I keep hearing mention of subscriptions. At what point will I have to subscribe?
  12. Bummer.. However, on a more positive note it looks like the latest update has switched X and O to match the US standard.. Awesome!!
  13. I started out as a warrior but i want to try the other jobs. How can I change jobs? When do I get the chance to change back to my human form? I heard that the offline mode is explained in the main story. When does this happen?
  14. So far i've been playing DQX on the PS4 using a trial download. This has been a great way to try out the game, see if the language barrier is too much and more importantly to see if I like the game and want to play it more than just to try. Unfortunately setting up the download and using the game has thus far required the use of a Japanese PS account. Since the game has stuck I went ahead and snagged a v1-3 disc for a pretty reasonable price. Although I can access most of the content without it I still wanted a physical copy of the game. Right now my 2 accounts share games so I can start the DQ 'app' from my English main account but it gives me an error when i try to log in. The JP account gets no error and signs on no problem. Once I have the disc will i be able to run the game from my English account or will I still have to use a completely separate PS4 account for this one game?
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