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  1. Here is a small update. The guide now includes walkthroughs for all 5 major key emblems as well as all of the previously mentioned info. DQXW0.19.docx
  2. I have the status screen down from top to bottom as follows. Max HP Max MP Main hand attack Off hand attack (only with 2 weapons) Defense Magical Might Magical Mending Strength Resilience Agility Deftness Charm Style Weight This is based off of comparisons between the status screen and stat bonuses I am receiving from job-only skills trees. I'm using the skill page of the wiki guide to tell which stats are increasing.
  3. Oka if I subscribe for a month and then my sub lapses what happens? Will I still be able to access the content included in the trial even though I have then used a subscription to access non-trial content?
  4. I don't know the answer to your question but i'm eager to find out as well. I've been playing on the trial version for a couple of months now and its a lot of fun but parts of the game aren't accessible by trial players (the bazaar, trading in tiny medals, etc.) The trial itself is pretty long though. I have been at it for a few months and awhile I could have blown through faster there is actually just a ton of content I haven't seen. I've barely scratched the surface of the game. If you're just starting out consider the trial. Try out my version 1 walkthrough too. Its on another thread in this forum and its on Gamefaqs as well.
  5. Yes of course! I also submitted it to Gamefaqs.com. here's the link on Gamefaqs. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/179349-dragon-quest-x-all-in-one-package/faqs/78110
  6. I've finished the first draft of my guide for version 1. This was played on PS4 on the trial version. It includes the following. -Some limited system info (menus, game mechanics, etc. -Prologue walkthrough -Walkthroughs for intro stories for each race. (Elf, ogre, dwarf, weddie, pukuripo) -Walkthroughs for all 5 minor key emblems. (Azlan, Glen, Gakuto Gatara, Juretto, Orfair) -Walkthrough for the pukuripo major key emblem (Megastris) so the pmayer can have 6 emblems to complete v1. -Walkthrough for after you have 6 key emblems through the end of v1. -Walkthroughs of some important minor quests (changing jobs, hiring npc helpers, getting the scooter) -Walkthroughs of the quests to unlock the first 6 advanced classes. (Battlemaster/Gladiator, Paladin, Magic Warrior/Armamentalist, Ranger, Sage, Superstar/Luminary) -References to the material I used to help me along the way as I figured out where to go and what to do. This is by no means a complete walkthrough encompassing every aspect of the game but should be enough to get new players acquainted with the game and to get them through the version 1 stories without getting hopelessly lost. I do still have ideas for adding more content. Thanks to Cranberry, Project COE Youtube videos, all of the members of this forum who answered my questions and whoever wrote all the Japanese guides that helped me work my way through all of this. And Google Translate too I guess.. 😋 DQXW0.16.docx
  7. Hi all, I've been using the PS4 trial version for a few months now but I also bought an all-in-one disc for PS4 that includes v1, 2 and 3. I'm at the beginning of v2. So far I have remained on the trial since it seems to be working fine. If its not broke dont fix it, right? But what if I did use the disc? Would it unlock features that aren't available on the trial such as the bazaar and concierge? Would I then be required to get a paid subscription? What other features might be opened up with the use of the disc? Are you all ready for my v1 walkthrough that is going to drop next weekend? 😁 Sorry, lots of questions, I know.
  8. Oh thanks thats pretty cool.. I am still on the trial but I actually bought the All in One for v1,2 and 3. I just haven't switched over because I don't know if I will need a subscription to play if I use the disc.. I'm having a lot of fun now that the game runs I don't want to spoil it by creating more hurdles to jump through.. If I use the disc will I need a sub? If I use the disc will it open up more content like the public market?
  9. My equip bag has space left in it.. Not to sound like a complete goof or anything but what is the concierge thing?
  10. I'm still on the trial but i have completed the first three advancement quests for Battlemaster (179, 180, 181 I believe) according to the online quest guide I should have received gear for completing these quests but I didnt get any when I completed them. Anyone know whats up?
  11. Okay so thanks a lot for the help with those questions. I was able to complete the scooter quest and the following quest as well, which is seems like it extends the range from 30min/fuel to 60min/fuel? I also completed the Superstar job quest though it may have been easier to do as a Martial Artist than what I did. I am still having trouble with the skill reset quest. I found the large flame in the castle in Ogres 2nd city and I talked with the guy there to start the quest. According to the quest guide at dragon-quest.jp I'm supposed to go to kill Geryuon in northwest of Glen territory to get the light of charity and then take it to an old woman in Glen castle town. I saw the gold circle in northwest Glen territory, killed the lion looking monster and got an item and now the gold circle is on an old woman in Glen castle town at B5 just like the guide says except when I talk to her she just says she needs the light of charity. Am i missing something? My inventory was pretty full is it possible I couldnt get the item because I didnt have space? EDIT: Scratch my last question. I can see the item in my inventory under key items. Any ideas why i cant continue the quest?
  12. A couple questions for the DQX gurus... For the Superstar job unlock quest I need to kill a clown with super high tension. How do I achieve super high tension to do so? How can I reset stat points so I can re allocate them? How do I get one of those neat buggies I see people cruising around on? I haven't quite figured out the ruler stone so I'm walking everywhere and its a big time waster.
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