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  1. Hi guys so ive been having a great time messing around in DQX. I completed the offline mode and created a character in the elf race. So far i have finished two elf test and worked my way out to what appears to be thr main hub for this area (there are tons of shops, a pub, a train, etc.) From here i went to a monument on a hillside and then south to a camp and then a tower. At the top of the tower I got killed and so i decided to do some leveling and build myself up a bit before i go back. I really want to re work my party (I somehow got a level 28 default party with a warrior a priest and a mage) but it appears as though i have to complete a quest to get access to the roster of characters to hire. I accepted the quest from the lady at the counter and now I dont know what im supposed to do. Ive tried searching for guides but info seems to be pretty scarce. There are tons of youtube videos but they are mostly 1 hour lets play videos.. Hard to search for specific answers without watching hours and hours of video.. Can anyone help?
  2. I see. I didnt realize that i couldnt use my modded Wii to play other region games.. I'll check it out on your Youtube channels. I'm sure it will become available through emulation or other simpler means some day.. Hydeki - I have been playing the PS4 trial and its a blast. I've gotten through the prologue and the first part of the elf story where you go to take the test.. How much longer is the trial? Would it be worth importing the All In One v1-v4 disc for the whole game? If I get to the end of v2 on the trial and then import the disc will I have to start over or can I continue with the progress ive already made in the trial? Thanks again!
  3. Ok so I have an old modded Wii.. Are there any good guides for getting it set up to run on there? It sounds like I need a 16gb memory stick in addition to the game disc in order to play. Whats the low down on all that? Also thanks for the kind and speedy replies. I googled a lot before registering here but I couldnt find much about this subject specifically.
  4. Wow that really sucks. Is the offline mode content available through any other means? Unusual that im more interested in the offline mode content in a predominantly online game but the sibling story fork seems like more fun to be honest.
  5. Oh my gosh. So even if I buy a physical copy of the game and run it from disc on my PS4 I cant access Offline Mode?
  6. Hi all. I've played every Dq from I-XI with the exception of X. I recently discovered that I can play it on my PS4 albeit in Japanese (I set up a Japanese PSN account and downloaded the Japanese trial version) I made it through the prologue and chose a character class for my main but I want to try the Offline mode. I cant seem to find an option for offline mode however. When I load the game it takes me to a screen with a red button that says 'Start Online Mode' Am I missing something or is Offline Mode not supported in the trial or not supported on PS4?
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