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  1. Sorry to necrobump this old tread, but I managed to extract everything from the cias files of the triology. The file structure is really similar with the android version! now the only problem is to swap the japan script with the english script.
  2. Hi @Choppasmith and thanks for the amazing work! I registrered on this site because I was thinkering with the 3ds version of DQ1-2-3 released in Japan and turns out that even them have retro1_res.dat, retro2_res.dat etc inside. So with the help of the amazing tool quickbms I have extracted everything, but now my problem is how to locate the japanese script? It's even funnier for DQ3 because it is already with some script localizated in english ( in another .dat present in the ROMFS of the .cia, ala DQ4 for the ds, who remember that?). As you know the android release of the triology comes with the english, korean, traditional and simplified chinese script but not on the 3ds, this version comes only with the japanese scripts(except for DQ3,but as you know, its "different"). Do you think that is possible to swap the japanese one of the 3ds with the english one of android?
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