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  1. You can run over and instant kill enemies on horseback in DQ11 and most enemies who are weaker than you will run away as soon as they see you or will just ignore you. There are already ways to ignore and avoid battles, and with DQ11’s 3D mode having such large open areas and dungeons you can avoid monsters pretty easily anyway. Ness could defeat instantly K.O. Significantly weaker enemies on Foot in Earthbound; Why couldn't 12 do the same in DQXII?
  2. but the battles can get rather time-consuming; especially if you're overleveled against a weaker enemy( My Solution for this; Do exactly what Earthbound does when Ness & his Party encounter an underpowered enemy when they're at a high enough level; and Instantly K.O. the weakest enemies on the overworld) and have to go with the same song & dance routine; when you don't have the time to battle enemies that are significantly weaker than you that aren't even worth fighting;
  3. IDK? Make Saving much faster & easier? Make Battles quicker & simplify the U.I.? Make it so that Weaker Enemies(I.E. Level 1 Enemies) instantly get K.O.'d when you're at a high enough level(Like in Earthbound)
  4. And WHY Wouldn't Playable Monsters be Feasible? I mean; they COULD add Lizzie as a Playable Character; as well as Playable Monster Characters that make their debut in this game! Why should Healix be the ONLY Monster on the Protagonists' Side?! that's rather limiting; Especially When We could see Lizzie tearing through swarms of opponents on the Battlefield!
  5. Aside from Obviously Staying true to Its Formulaic Turn-based JRPG Formula; What Could DQ12 do Different so that It stands out from the other games; to where it is Identifiable by what It Does DIFFERENTLY from the other games in the series; Like How 11 Has Pep Powers(which reminds me of Double/Triple Tech Attacks from Chrono Trigger; as they're attacks/status effects that requires the use of More than one Party member to pull it off with); Maybe Some Quality-Of-Life Changes; or a way to Speed up Gameplay; optimize it for a Modern Audience; without alienating the Core DQ fans. . .
  6. Here are some Ideas that I'd Love to see in a 3rd Dragon Quest Musuo/Warriors-styled game 1. Playable Monster Characters; Like Lizzie from Dragon Quest VI; as well as some Original Characters that are allied with the Protagonists that happen to be Monsters 2. Some Playable Characters from Past Dragon Quest games that Weren't INCLUDED in the previous 2 games; such as Redd, Morrie, & Debora 3. Some Dragon Quest XI characters such as any of the characters that AREN'T The Luminary(I Think We can safely say now; that any Character/Party Member who ISN'T the Incarnation of
  7. In Japan The Legendary hero is known as Loto; What exactly does that name mean in the Japanese Language? Come to think of it; I'm Not Sure what The Name Erdrick means either; Can Someone please explain the Etymology of the Legendary Hero's Various Names?
  8. both games were already more that Dragon quest IV with friends; as they already had Dragon Quest V Characters such as Bianca & Nera; Dragon Quest VI Characters such as Terry & Carver; Dragon Quest VII Characters such as Ruff & Maribel; Dragon Quest 8 Characters such as Jessica, Yangus & Angelo; not to mention Original Characters that debuted in said Dragon Quest Musuo games!! I Mean; What about playing as Monster Allies such as Lizzy from Dragon Quest VI as a Playable Character; or Original Allied Monster Characters aligned with the Heroes that make their debut in D
  9. I'm wanting to see Playable Monsters as part of the Roster, that's something they could do; like Lizzie from Dragon Quest VI; Or several Original & Playable Monster Characters that debut in this game as the Heroes' Allies; or Some Dragon Quest XI Representation; whether it be Sylvando, Serena & Veronica, Erik or Jade The Only things that would be forbidden would be [Incarnations of the Legendary hero; from 1-11; Villains from past games(IT'S CALLED DRAGON QUEST HEROES N-O-T DRAGON QUEST VILLAINS for a reason) aside from Psaro; due to him NOT Being the main antagonist i
  10. I Agree; I'd LOVE to see Lizzie as a Party member; or even SABER the Sabrecat from Dragon Quest V. . . and I'd love to see them further the concept of playable monsters, than just leaving it at human party members using Monster Tokens to turn into them!!
  11. Also Healix is a Heroic character, even though he's a Monster in Species. . . and there were Monsters who served as allies(aside from Healix) within DQH2. . .
  12. Yeah. . . Well; I Bet if I were them and were trying to make A DQHIII; I'd Be Trying to figure out how to add Playable Monsters and still have it work with the mostly unchanged Gameplay mechanics that the Dragon Quest Heroes games have established. . . How to decide which Monsters get to be playable(aside from ones that are from Past Dragon Quest games like Lizzie & Saber), How to make playing as monsters work as actual party members, deciding what, if any, Monster Characters get to become Party members, and which species to use, and They'd have more experience & knowledge to figure th
  13. i Agree that WOULD Be amazing; though Combination Attacks are admittedly more of a Chrono Trigger Staple instead of a Dragon Quest one(though one other than myself COULD argue that Pep Powers from Dragon Quest XI are basically Combination Attacks or Chrono Trigger Double & Triple Techs) and yeah, I Agree; I'd Love to see more Cross-game Interactions; Like Say How The Other characters would react to Sylvando's VERY Effeminate nature, or Alena's Reaction to Jade also being a warrior Princess, How everyone else would react to Jade's Re-Vamp Curse; Everyone's Reactions to Lizzie being affectio
  14. Playable Monsters are one thing; But What I'm Hoping for is; not just the Heroes turning INTO Monsters like in DQH2; But having Playable Monsters that are actually their own Characters and can be switched out like the other Party members; like Maybe Some Playable Monster Characters Party Members from Previous games, Like Lizzy the Hackasaurus from Dragon Quest 6, Or Saber The great Sabrecat from Dragon Quest 5
  15. I Don't recognize her The Only characters I'm aware of from that game are Terry, Carver(From Dragon Quest Heroes II) & Lizzie(from The TV Tropes character page)
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