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  1. both games were already more that Dragon quest IV with friends; as they already had Dragon Quest V Characters such as Bianca & Nera; Dragon Quest VI Characters such as Terry & Carver; Dragon Quest VII Characters such as Ruff & Maribel; Dragon Quest 8 Characters such as Jessica, Yangus & Angelo; not to mention Original Characters that debuted in said Dragon Quest Musuo games!! I Mean; What about playing as Monster Allies such as Lizzy from Dragon Quest VI as a Playable Character; or Original Allied Monster Characters aligned with the Heroes that make their debut in DQH3?! Because Why should Playable Monsters be exclusive to just transformations, instead of actual active party members you can choose to play as?!
  2. I'm wanting to see Playable Monsters as part of the Roster, that's something they could do; like Lizzie from Dragon Quest VI; Or several Original & Playable Monster Characters that debut in this game as the Heroes' Allies; or Some Dragon Quest XI Representation; whether it be Sylvando, Serena & Veronica, Erik or Jade The Only things that would be forbidden would be [Incarnations of the Legendary hero; from 1-11; Villains from past games(IT'S CALLED DRAGON QUEST HEROES N-O-T DRAGON QUEST VILLAINS for a reason) aside from Psaro; due to him NOT Being the main antagonist in the DQIV Remake, Generic No-name characters from the first 3 games and/or DQIX, Since in Dragon Quest 9, they're ALL Customizable with Names & Species & Designs]
  3. I Agree; I'd LOVE to see Lizzie as a Party member; or even SABER the Sabrecat from Dragon Quest V. . . and I'd love to see them further the concept of playable monsters, than just leaving it at human party members using Monster Tokens to turn into them!!
  4. Also Healix is a Heroic character, even though he's a Monster in Species. . . and there were Monsters who served as allies(aside from Healix) within DQH2. . .
  5. Yeah. . . Well; I Bet if I were them and were trying to make A DQHIII; I'd Be Trying to figure out how to add Playable Monsters and still have it work with the mostly unchanged Gameplay mechanics that the Dragon Quest Heroes games have established. . . How to decide which Monsters get to be playable(aside from ones that are from Past Dragon Quest games like Lizzie & Saber), How to make playing as monsters work as actual party members, deciding what, if any, Monster Characters get to become Party members, and which species to use, and They'd have more experience & knowledge to figure these things out, Making Complex 3d Video games is Hard, and takes a Lot of People to make it work right, with as FEW Game-breaking Bugs as Possible, making sure the game ends up as Polished as it can possibly be!!
  6. i Agree that WOULD Be amazing; though Combination Attacks are admittedly more of a Chrono Trigger Staple instead of a Dragon Quest one(though one other than myself COULD argue that Pep Powers from Dragon Quest XI are basically Combination Attacks or Chrono Trigger Double & Triple Techs) and yeah, I Agree; I'd Love to see more Cross-game Interactions; Like Say How The Other characters would react to Sylvando's VERY Effeminate nature, or Alena's Reaction to Jade also being a warrior Princess, How everyone else would react to Jade's Re-Vamp Curse; Everyone's Reactions to Lizzie being affectionate towards Terry; there's so much possibilities for how each character can react to other characters, like comparing & contrasting, reactionary humor about how Characters react to certain other characters
  7. Playable Monsters are one thing; But What I'm Hoping for is; not just the Heroes turning INTO Monsters like in DQH2; But having Playable Monsters that are actually their own Characters and can be switched out like the other Party members; like Maybe Some Playable Monster Characters Party Members from Previous games, Like Lizzy the Hackasaurus from Dragon Quest 6, Or Saber The great Sabrecat from Dragon Quest 5
  8. I Don't recognize her The Only characters I'm aware of from that game are Terry, Carver(From Dragon Quest Heroes II) & Lizzie(from The TV Tropes character page)
  9. So. . . What features would you guys want to be added to a Potential Future Dragon Quest heroes Game; a Musuo Game akin to Dynasty Warriors, with similar Gameplay; but with many staples of the Dragon Quest Franchise & Characters from various games in the series like Terry & Jessica(who were in BOTH Dragon Quest Heroes 1 & 2) The main rules so far are for who will not get in as characters in this series of games as the games seem to follow: 1. No Incarnations of the Legendary Hero, or any of the heroes from 1-11(like Erdrick or the Luminary) 2. No Playable Villains(With the Sole Exception of Psaros, using the DQIV Remake Logic with a Different final boss that isn't Psaros) 3. No Generic Placeholder Characters, like the Cast of Dragon quest 1-3 or the completely Customizable party members of DQIX Me Personally I Want Playable Monster Characters that originate from Previous Dragon Quest Games like Lizzie from Dragon Quest VI, Or Saber from Dragon Quest V; and also Some playable characters to Represent the Most Recent Mainstream series of Games in the Dragon Quest Franchise; Dragon Quest Eleven; such as Serena & Veronica, Erik, Rab, Princess Jade, and Sylvando; and maybe even some Party Members from Previous Dragon Quest Games that weren't included in Either of the first 2 Dragon Quest Heroes games; like Redd from Dragon Quest VIII, among others
  10. Are those all the Party members that: 1. Aren't generic Characters like in the first 3 games 2. Aren't the incarnation of the Legendary Hero(I-XI) 3. Aren't Alligned with the Main antagonists of each game
  11. I Agree; the Only things that could prevent the 2 Sisters from being in DQH3 is If: A. Adding them with The Sisters from DQIV would be seen as Redundant by the Developers B. They Decide to Bring in Jade & Erik instead(I'd Love to see him as a Very Quick character who runs quickly like a Cloak & Dagger Theif who is Duel Wielding His Daggers like he can do once he learns enough Skill Points in his game of Origin) to join alongside Sylvando(I'm Sure some fans would love to see His Hamminess add some Comic Relief in DQH3, But not the Kind of Comic Relief that people hate, that only serves to make things worse & annoy the Audience & the IN-universe characters both; as Sylvando Is Actually Competant on the Battlefield,
  12. There's also One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 coming out; with the Most Recent Story arcs from the manga & Anime; Including Gear 4th, Carrot & her Sulong Form, Big Mom, Germa 66, etc; even wano[I didn't think they would add THAT arc yet; It's not even finished yet; I thought they were just gonna cover the entire Post-timeskip Saga; From Saobody to Whole Cake Island; since Why would they include Wano when it's still going on?!]
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