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  1. Oh nice, thank you. If you can use Webmoney to buy Crysta and people here do that, I can assume it's a safe transaction to make. I only wanted to use PayPal because I thought that would be the easiest not-daisy-chaining method. I'll make an account soon and buy the game in the near future. Thanks again!
  2. Hope it's alright if I piggyback off this topic, Been playing the PC trial for a few months now and really liking it, and I had a couple questions regarding buying and subscribing were I to choose to get the game (the "Buying from the Square Enix Store" thread seems to be a little outdated). I'd rather play on my PC than my Switch, so I feel like Crysta is the best/only way to go with that. Am I able to buy Crysta on my JP Square Enix account with my American PayPal account? Or do I need to buy Webmoney or something with my PayPal first and daisy chain with that? As for actually buying the game, if I'm logged in to my JP Square Enix account when I buy the game from the JP store (assuming I have the Crysta for it), do I still need to enter a product key somewhere once I buy/download the game (or "games" since I don't think there's an All-In-One with v5 yet), or will being logged in with my account when I buy it link it automatically? I'm just a little concerned about navigating the launcher all in Japanese to try to find where to enter the product key. Thanks in advance!
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