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  1. Thanks! With Speedlify you only have access to 5go for free per month
  2. I just managed to get it to work by downloading a VPN called Speedify and by using this tutorial https://support.cyberghostvpn.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002698345-How-to-share-a-VPN-connection-over-Wi-Fi-on-Windows-10 Thank you anyway
  3. So I live in France and I just bought DQX on switch thinking that it would be pretty easy for me to setup a VPN then share the connection from my PC to my switch via the built in windows 10 thing (whatever it's actually called in English), I've tried with SoftEther but the option to create the hotspot is grayed out and it says that I don't have an active connection even though I can browse the web on my PC just fine. Am I doing something wrong or is it just not possible with this software, I don't really feel like paying for a VPN if it's just only for one thing and nothing else.
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