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  1. Not sure what you are referring to, but I've always heard good things about our community (there are even articles online!). Hope we can keep it that way ありばば
  2. I can walk you through it, just PM me. Also, I recoded Dialog monitor for fun. I managed to grab texts as the original app, but also quest descriptions (Quest Number, Title, Objective, Rewards, ..) when a NPC offers one to you. I'd like to work a bit more on that and see If I can find more (and my UI sucks atm ), but if some people are interested I'll share it eventually.
  3. I bought V5 physical on Switch, but it basically ships with no cartridge, just a box and a code. Will I be affected?
  4. I play on Switch and this version is great. Once you setup your VPN well there is nothing to worry about, but it can be a bit annoying to do.
  5. I'd be interested as well in any sort of Orb guide out there.
  6. So not sure what your setup was before, but I actually ran a test using a VPN app directly on my phone (ProtonVPN, or others). This + sharing a hotspot from your phone cannot work (at least for iPhones, but I think others are the same). The reason being hotposts on mobile bridge your connexion directly to your provider, hijacking any form of VPN. So you can endup in a situation where your phone is running a japanese IP through VPN, while sharing a Thai IP (from your provider) through hotspot. But I figure if it worked before, you probably connected a laptop to your phone through wif
  7. I play on switch with a VPN. Both softEther and ProtonVPN work fine. I find ProtonVPN to be more stable, and I use a US IP to reduce latency (US IPs are whitelisted, and I'm from Canada). You have nothing to change on your switch, just start the VPN on PC and make sure you started a Mobile/Wifi Hotspot as well. One way to check if it works is to connect your phone to your hotspot, and check your IP location there: https://whatismyipaddress.com/ (Should show Japan, or in my case US). Feel free to PM me if you have more problems, I can help to set you up. I went through all this not too lon
  8. Just download it from a Japanese PSN account. This page has a link to the DQX Trial store page.
  9. You can press start on the controller to pop up tabs, then go to the right most one (Team chat). But to be honest, it's way easier to install the app on your phone, and chat with it
  10. Yes it is. I play on switch and I can use a VPN with either US or JPN IP now. US has less latency for me (I'm in Canada). PC and PS4 have a free trial, so you can play Ver1 and 2 for free on those platforms
  11. Check this post. Somebody explains how to sub on switch with screenshots.
  12. It was only lifted in the US only, I live in Canada and still have to use a VPN, the only difference being I can use a US IP for better latency.
  13. Hi, I started the game a few days ago, I’m from Canada. My char is: ありばば Aribaba TN830-336 Looking forward to make some friends in game Edit: I'm not too sure how the invite system works. I speak a bit of japanese (JLPT4, not enough to be fluent in game, but I can read and find my way if you point some japanese words/menus to me)
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