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  1. Haha I see what you did there! But, yeah, I hope there's more people on this forum that can share their hype for the game so that we can all have a wave of excitement for DQXIS upon release. Absolutely! The gif I included in my post was from the PS4 version, but I imagine that the same area in the Switch version will be just as as beautiful. Even though, as you mention later in your post, the PS4 does have more dynamic lighting and better textures (which is to be expected), the Switch version still looks phenomenal and is a visual treat, especially from the footage they showed in the Treehouse segment (like in the beach area), and it just might be one of the best looking games on the Switch. I think as long as someone hasn't played the PS4 or isn't comparing the Switch and PS4 versions side-by-side, someone playing on the Switch wouldn't notice many graphical disparities. The fact that DQXIS looks amazing, apparently runs well, and includes so much new content and QoL improvements is just a testament to the love, dedication, and effort that Horii's team put into making the Switch version, and that speaks volumes about DQ as a brand and is enough of a reason to buy and support the game imho. They could have easily just made a low quality port of the PS4 version that runs okay on the Switch and does not include any new features, but the fact that they evidently poured their hearts into making such a high qualitity Switch version is praiseworthy. Given the fact that Nintendo's major first party titles are generally known for their polished visuals and gameplay and their accessibility, I think DQXIS fits and would really appeal to a lot of Switch players if they give the game a shot. Especially for Pokemon fans like myself, who have been looking for a more ambitious adventure in each new title GameFreak puts out, but rarely get one, I think DQXIS has a lot of appeal. Like for someone who has been wanting to see more ambitious graphics, monsters roaming in the overworld, a controllable camera, the ability to ride/fly on many monsters, a more expansive world filled with different environments, and more in Pokemon games, DQXIS really checks all those boxes and more. As annoying as all of the "ban Hero" nonsense is in the Smash community, it really is just more free advertising for DQ. And from what I've read online, a lot of people find Hero a ton of fun to play as given his randomness. I mean, I certainly have a lot of fun playing as him! Haha, I'm in the same boat. I wish DQXIS came out earlier as my break is coming to an end, but I'm sure the wait for it will be more than worth it. Also, I'm so excited to play this game on the big screen and on handheld; this game will be the perfect way to wind down right before bed after a long day!
  2. I hope the demo really convinces a lot of people to purchase the game, because I feel like demos have the potential of dissuading people just because the demo was bad/boring, even if the actual game is excellent. I just hope it's not like DQB2's demo, which dissuaded some people from buying the game (this is based on what I've heard; I know many enjoyed it), even though it wasn't as representative of the game as DQB1's demo was, for example. From all the footage I've seen of DQXIS, though, it seems to run very well on the Switch (which is not shocker, given the fact that DQXIS was made specifically for the switch). I personally feel like a smarter strategy to guarantee more sales would be to release a demo a couple of months after DQXIS released so that more people buy/play the game out of hype now, and then any people on the fence after all of the (hopefully) positive reviews can try out the game eventually.
  3. I don't know about others, but I certainly am coming fresh to this game. And boy, can I not wait for it! I've already preordered DQXIS, and I'm glad the wait is finally getting more bearable with the game only a little over a month away (although I won't be able to play until November). I actually learned about Dragon Quest two years ago when I saw some footage from the Japanese PS4 version of DQXI before it was announced for the West, and I immediately knew I wanted the game just because of how gorgeous it was. In this past year I've played DQI and DQII on mobile and just started DQIII just to familiarize myself with the series because I had heard that playing the original trilogy makes the game more enjoyable. I really had fun with DQII, and, while I was playing it, I would imagine battling monsters and roaming around the world in 3D. I just can't wait to go from the 2D sprite work to playing a beautiful console adventure. I've almost caved into buying the PS4 version on multiple occasions just because it would've been more convenient to play in the summer time, and also because I'm a real sucker for the beautiful, lush look of the PS4 version. However, I just remind myself of how much new content is coming to the switch, and, from what I've seen from the E3 Treehouse gameplay, a video from Gamexplain and more, the Switch version looks like it hold up quite well to the PS4 version and seems like it runs smoothly, too. Just like you, I think this is the most I've been excited for a game for some years (I've even had dreams about playing it lol), and I just can't wait to experience all that DQXIS has to offer. I'm also trying to avoid learning much about the game or reading/seeing spoilers of any kind, but some things are hard to avoid here and there. And just like you, while there are some things I know about the game/characters/etc that I wish I could forget about so that I could experience the game completely fresh, I still think I will have a great time. DQ in general, and DQXI in particular, with its visual style, colorful vistas, lovable cast, and warm atmosphere just make it so appealing, and I really hope that playing through DQXIS will be like playing through a fairy tale. A while ago, I saw this gif online from some early area in the game (potential spoiler(not really) if you really don't wanna see anything about the game, but its just a video of Eleven riding his horse through a lush area) and it just looks so beautiful! From other bits of gameplay I've seen here and there, it seems like the game is just full of beautiful landscapes and views, and I just can't wait to finally be able to explore Erdrea. I kinda wish there were more people gushing about their hype online, and I really hope DQXIS sells very well on the Switch, as I think the game has a greater potential audience on the Switch than it did on the PS4 imo. With exposure from Smash and some people's disappointment with SwSh, I think DQXIS really has the chance to be at least a 1-2 million seller in the West if it's marketed well and if the Switch version reviews well. I really hope Nintendo really goes full force with marketing this game as we get closer to the release date, but I'm a bit worried they may just be relying on Smash to market the game rather than their own trailers/tweets/etc (hopefully the trailer they released earlier this week is an indication that they plan on marketing it well, though) and I'm also worried that they might not want DQXIS to overshadow Link's Awakening, but because DQXIS comes out after LA, I think that may not be too much of an issue. So far, I'm happy to see all the positive comments on YouTube videos of DQXIS about people who are excited to try out their first DQ game, and I really just hope that this hype and the number of people who actually buy this game is tremendous by launch day. Thankfully, DQXI has good word of mouth, so hopefully that should convince even more people, on top of all the people interested in the game because of smash. If you can't tell by the lengthy post, I'm really excited for this game, and I hope it will be for DQ what Awakening was for FE in the West.
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