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  1. I bought Switch for DQXI, too! And I love it! I’ve been saving screenshots of both the Tips and the “Story So Far”. I wish the Album on Switch had organizing options. I already have almost 1000 images and videos. 30+ hours and I still haven’t gone to Kingsbarrow — I could still be playing the demo! I love taking photos. I wish they hadn’t nerfed range and zoom, but taking photos with the characters in Photo Mode is great, too! If you need pre-Hotto screen caps, just let me know where to send/put them!
  2. I would still like this game to sell huge in NA and EU, though the Japanese launch sales are a bit lower than I’d expected. I wonder if they’re counting Loto Edition sales as game sales? Surely the Gorgeous and Dream Gorgeous bundles are included, but I wonder if they’re counting those console sales as game unit sales, too? I love mine, by the way. Unzipping the gorgeous case and seeing the Loto details every time I play feels like opening my favorite storybook or ancient magical tome. It never gets old, and adds a lot to the experience for me, not just of DQXI, but of owning a Switch. I
  3. This is what I’m anticipating, too. It does make it very disappointing that the first-person camera and zoom have been removed from the Switch version, though.
  4. Hm… I’m not exactly “new”. More like “on hiatus”. Haha. I was with the first three games, excitedly anticipating both DQ2 and DQ3. I may have even played DQ4, but I don’t remember it. I think I drifted away from DQ because of the “dark ages”. Enix didn’t maintain the momentum. Growing up for me involved “angstier” storytelling and just less video games in general. Final Fantasy VI is still my favorite, but I never got into FFVII, tried once to play VIII but didn’t finish it, had no interest in IX. I only played X because it was my first year in Japan and I had some downtime. I played FFXI
  5. Absolutely. I really feel Final Fantasy has lost its way. The FF7/15 approach has become far too dominant. In FF6, Magitech was well-integrated and balanced. FF12 was also very good until Matsuno became overworked and exhausted (honestly SQEX seems like a fairly unhealthy place to work if you don’t have the kind of power/independence that Horii-san and his teams have. On the bright side, they’re remaking FFVII and Nomura-san (whom I love and wish would make a proper sequel to The Bouncer) seems tired of doing similar things, so maybe someone new will take the series back to refreshing, br
  6. So, can you do me a favor and rant about the need for first-person view, just in case? Seriously, this is great news, though. Thanks for keeping us up to date, @Dakhil!
  7. That is odd. Not as bad as removing first-person view, but strange for such an overall well-polished and streamlined Definitive experience.
  8. Especially since it was already added and this is the Definitive Edition. I just cannot understand removing this feature. I understand wanting to highlight and encourage the new Photo Mode, which I truly appreciate. But I don’t see how it requires removing the existing first-person view. I hope it’s there in the full release.
  9. We have similar excitement and similar background with the series. The Dragon Warrior titles are what introduced my cousin and I into RPGs. We became obsessed, but we got into Final Fantasy and when Enix stopped pushing DQ in the US, I think we almost didn’t notice, sadly. This game is such a homecoming for me. It reminded me to call my mom and thank her for my subscription to Nintendo Power, of watching The Wizard in the movie theater, and being so excited when it aired on TV. It’s bringing back memories of Saturday morning cartoons and toy prizes in cereal boxes, followed by hours of vi
  10. I love your enthusiasm! Every word you day is how excited I am about this game, even though I’ve been away from the series for decades, since III. I can’t wait to get back into it! I bought two used books for the 3DS and PS4 versions last night, just so I can compare 2D maps between Switch and 3DS, and because the Michikusa Adventure guide for PS4+3DS includes feature sections about both regional wildlife as well as local food and crafts. I want to check that all these little details made it to the Switch version.
  11. I think there’s still attention to some programming, but advertising on network television certainly carries less of a guarantee of even being seen than it used to.
  12. Also, if they do bring these to NA/EU, we want them to see high sales in those regions, right? Producers need to be able to show executives at SQEX hard data that prove financial success in English-led markets. If the hardcore fans insist on importing from Asia and don’t double dip, that just inflated Asian numbers and lowers NA/EU sales. I’m also still hoping that they may be holding out on announcing it because we’re getting the original trilogy for free , as I understand was the way these ports originally launched in Japan on 3DS and PS4. That would be amazing. I’m honestly not expect
  13. I can’t stop hearing this as the “character/rock” theme for DQXI (S) and imagining the party at an outdoor TOOL show: "Pneuma" We are spirit bound to this flesh (We) Go round one foot nailed down (But) Bound to reach out and beyond this flesh, become Pneuma We are will and wonder, bound to recall, remember We are born of one breath, one word We are all one spark, sun becoming Child, wake up Child, release the light Wake up now, child Child, wake up Child, release the light Wake up now, child (Spirit, Spirit, Spirit, Spirit) Bound to this fles
  14. I agree; I think it depends on the type of game. A non-narrative game that’s kind of designed as a fun time killer should probably limit its demo to a couple of levels, with minimal use of diverse features. If someone likes the mechanics, they’ll still get bored with playing the same two levels over and over, so maybe buy the game. Trying to reach a wide audience and mainstream success with a 100~200+ hour old school JRPG, post smartphone games, and I think giving people a taste of how great this game experience can be was a smart move. I’ve seen a lot of people online saying the demo pus
  15. No worries. That does sound legitimately frustrating. I also hope it’s fixed for the full release. I have what’s probably a stupid question, so please forgive me, but have you made sure the updated version really is 1.0.1 or something, that it really did update? Because I saw some people online saying they’d done the update process, even multiple times, and still ended up with 1.0.0. It seemed like perhaps SQEX was still only testing the demo in Japan. I just thought it might be worth mentioning, if you didn’t already know or check.
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