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  1. Late, but there is in fact a way to purchase goods from the Japanese SE store from the US! I'll try to do a better writeup of this in the near future, but basically SE allows third party payment processors now (I don't think it was allowing some of these way back when I first purchased the game), in particular Rakuten Pay. I've used this service many times to purchase digital goods from websites that don't allow American Visa/MC purchases, and I tried using it on the SE store to reactivate my DQX sub and it worked. The website isn't very foreigner-friendly (I can't remember if there was
  2. Yeah, this is when/where it was added. Looking through the edits, this guy added a bunch of suspect info to what was an almost entirely blank page for Marcello at the time (He filled out the Appearance section with a list of Marcello's appearances in the plot of the game rather than a physical description). I'm more than willing to bet that this is either made-up or this person didn't understand what they were writing.
  3. Oh right, is that that WG259-127 code? EDIT: Is there a specific server I should be using, by the way? If so, is there a way to switch servers? Sorry, I hardly ever play MMOs so I'm really not sure about this kind of stuff.
  4. I'm 99% confident there's no temporary party members/playable characters named Xiroara or Shiroara or anything of the sort. How many temporary party members were even in DQVIII to begin with? The 3DS port didn't add anyone besides Morrie and Red.
  5. Hello, longtime site user and forum lurker, but now I'm starting DQ10 so I made an account to post here. Just finished the tutorial. My Japanese isn't too good, and trying to read everything is giving me a headache, but I hope I can join the DD playing group and help out. My name is the same in-game as here, dobu (ドブ). Uh, I'm one of the Popupipo fairy things, and I THINK I chose to play as a minstrel? I'm not too sure. Anyway, hope to hear from someone soon, and I'll try and keep this forum account active too.
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