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  1. Thanks so much, Austin. I appreciate the response and knowledge... I had thought hard about that point and figured it wouldn't be so easy, lore wise, but oh well!
  2. Hello! I was curious if anyone knew if there was a Fantasia (FFXIV) item you can use to change your character’s race? I chose a Wetling, and after a few hundred hours later I’m wanting to change to an elf... is there a product you can buy on the shop that can do this? thanks!
  3. Omg this is incredible... I’ve been waiting for a translated pro for years. Thank you so very much for doing this! Hoping the full version can be released at some point!
  4. Yes! Oh my lord thank you so much! This will make it so much easier, I kept going through the login portal/square account page! Care to share friend codes? Mine is SW-0304-3277-9227 if you’re interested.
  5. Thank you, Ochan! I sent my info to Cranberry and I hope to see you, too! I mean no rudeness, but I found your comment on renewing the sub via the eshop so intriguing. I know you said it wasn’t too difficult, but I can’t seem to find the option. I see Yamada, RPay, T-Poing, auWallet, etc but not the eshop. I couldn’t find it in the actual eshop (for my Japanese account) either. Any advice? Thanks a lot!
  6. Thanks a lot! You can renew through the eshop...? I’ll have to investigate that because I don’t know how to buy Crysta. Well, I bought The all-in-one package with 1-4 and Switch is my go to, so I’m pretty happy with it... do you play regularly? How can I request access to the Dragon’s Den Guild? If you don’t mind me asking!
  7. Woah, Just found this thread! Whoops... I posted a new topic on the DQX forum, but I'm a longtime fan and a new player. Been loving it so far, but was wondering if I could ask some experienced players some questions/join y'alls in game group? Additionally, one of the main questions I wanted to ask involved paying for the monthly sub... I've read a few different mixed answers, but they're from various points in the years. How do some of y'all renew your subs? Thanks!
  8. Yo! I'm a huge, longtime fan of the series and I found out not too recently that X had lifted its' IP ban. I've skulked around these forums for a long time, but speaking out hasn't ever been my thing until now. Recently, I hopped in on the Nintendo Switch and I've been having an absolute blast with X. What a special game, Have been hoping for it to come stateside... but only *more time* till tell. In any case, I chose a Weddie and have been adventuring along, but I've read there's an English speaking guild (Dragon's Den) somewhere and I was wanting to see about joining? I have a few questions
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