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  1. Didn't do all of the first tablet challenges? No; not required. I'm doing such things post game story.
  2. So I beat the main story, but does anyone know if it's possible to take the buggy with you to other "islands" other than the "home base"? With my current hammer I can't bust it to add to my inventory and I'm not sure if it will work with the final hammer as I haven't got all the ingredients to make it (I'm assuming it's on one of the explorer islands that cost 3000 hearts).
  3. No you do not. I've beat the game. After Furrowfield I did not make a single garden or even have the NPCs do it.
  4. I was really bummed to find out they didn't make one. I made good use of the first one for recipes and rooms.
  5. Wow. That's dedication! I just started laying track in mine in Continent #2. More like a lot of free time. Plus I normally work Graveyard shifts so even on my days off I find I can't sleep at night. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the games story (even though cliche). Now my goal is to collect all Mini Medals, complete all Explorer Shores, try and capture one of every monster (if possible), and build my own stuff.
  6. Not me. I played it day one (Switch) and started at 11am and finished chapter one (continent 1) 6am the next day. By the 3rd day I was already at Moonbrooke and day 4 beat Atlas. Than my little sister wanted to borrow the game so I let her and bought it digital on the PS4 so day for started a new play and five days later (just last night at 3am) beat the main story. Normal play time? No, but I work a week and get a week off so I have a lot of free time.
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