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  1. Okay thanks for this! looking forward to playing!
  2. Okay and is there a way to buy the sub from the switch or do i have to use the square enix website?
  3. Alright then how much is it per month?
  4. Hey! Im thinking about picking up DQX on Switch as Ive been wanting to play for a while, but didnt want to go through all the hoops with a VPN and such. Now that the IP ban has been lifted (or so it seems), I really want to check the game out. Im fairly new to Dragon Quest but want something on the switch before DQXI definitive, and DQX has intrigued me for a while. Im just wondering though, is it possible to play version 1 of the game without the crysta subscription (or whatever it is)? Because I thought I saw somewhere that on PC that was possible? Anyways, I will definitely
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