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  1. I'm playing the original Playstation 2 version, so I hope that I picked it right sub to ask this in. I didn't see a sub-forum for the original. Anyways, I really don't know what I'm doing with my skills or alchmey. For skills the game doesn't tell you what investing in them does. So I've been allocating them blindly. I'm not seeing an increase in damage, and I feel like I'm spreading my skills points too thin. Like with my hero; I went from 2 points in Swords to 3 and didn't see any type of damage increase. The samee with all his other skills. I have about 2 to 5 skills invested per tree. Same for the Alchmey Pot. I really don't understand it. The game says I can find recipes off of monsters, or buy them in shops. I've yet to come across a single one. I know that you can experiment, but I really dont want to lose my items if it fails. I'm trying to play this game blind, and this game seems broken if I do not refere to guilds. Am I wrong in this assumption, or does the game provide infromation later? Right now it seems like the game is breken without a guide.
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