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  1. upside to all the recolors in Joker 3: can make an entire team of "just one" monster

  2. I'd like to see monster rideability on a smaller scale. While I had a huge problem with Joker 3 being Recolors: The Game, I also really liked the freedom of movement on the field that mounts provided. maybe having them be something you get after the first half of the game to speed field movement (like how you get 3x battle speed in DQM2), and being limited to a handful of monsters? Agreed on combining the Joker 2/3 and DQM2 monster sets, that just makes sense. I like multiple monster sizes, I'd like to see them kept, though I'd be okay with just seeing 2-size monsters, or 2 and 3 size, I don't need the biggest guys coming back except maybe as special bosses. I really want to see the key/disc system tweaked, I vastly preferred the way DQM2 did it, where each key had its own cooldown timer. I'm not a fan of the mobile wait-to-play style but I figure that's here to stay. I'd love random dungeons like the old DWM magic keys, with random towns full of random people, but I know procedural generation opens up a whole 'nother can of worms. Splitting skills again ala DWM1 and 2 sounds great, honestly, but I'd like to keep the passives too. +attributes and Wards could maybe be passives that don't take up active skill slots, but you could only have so many? I think other than that my biggest one: keep color mutations! Seriously, I love stuff like this in monster games. Give me a chance to show everyone online how much I love certain monsters or colors or to make goofy theme teams. I also like the idea of monsters getting more options for color as they get stronger, but maybe it's something you'd unlock rather than it happening automatically.
  3. It's actually really good timing for me as I started playing it again after finishing the Joker3 fantranslation. Definitely my favorite of the 3DS Monsters games (though I'm decidedly biased.) The section's been a great help to me already, though there's a couple things I'd like to see added if possible. (Maybe once I have a better grasp on Japanese I could help? The game's gotten me wanting to learn again, hmhm)
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