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  1. Thank you for the tip! I always turn it off completely. I'll give it a third shot and see what happens. Thank you once again!
  2. Hi guys! I started played Dragon Quest I for the Switch and the game has crashed on me twice in the second floor of Craggy/Rocky Cave. Is anyone experiencing the same issue? I attached a picture of the map and marked the area where the crashing happens. Some notes: - I do a lot of grinding. A LOT. This has happened to me twice after 6 hrs of gameplay approx (both crashes happened around the same time). Haven't tried a third. - I play with the Switch docked (TV mode). - I'm using the joycons with the charging grip to play. - I have a 256gb SD card (Sandisk) in
  3. Guys, Has anyone heard about a potential PS4 release? I want to play the games so bad in a console BUT I don't want to buy a Switch just to play these games. Thank you, Alef
  4. Thank you for your reply! I figured it out. Each time I reinstalled the app, it got the old auto save data from my mobile backup in Google drive. I deleted the backup and problem solved.
  5. Hi guys, I purchased DQI for Android around a month ago and created a game file. Due space reasons, I had to uninstall the application (among others). I installed again the game today but for some reason when I try to start the game I get a "Continue from AutoSave" option (which starts the game where I left the initial game file I created a month ago). I want a fresh start, hence why I re-installed the game. I have already deleted the folder: com.square_enix.android_googleplay.dq1_gp I deleted this folder from the internal memory of my phone in the following paths: Andr
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