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  1. I use buffs and debuffs much more frequently in DQ than in most other RPGs… but I don't think I've ever used Surround/Dazzle.
  2. Yu Miyake once mused about an offline, single-player version of DQ10 for the western market… I imagine it was just an idle thought, a pipe dream, and not something that Square-Enix has actively pursued and developed, but it seems marginally more likely than the MMO coming here.
  3. Favourite: Maribel. Confident, hot-headed and a little ridiculous, there is never a dull moment when she's in the party. Not only does she provide colour commentary on events (which are always amusing), but she frequently tears into and calls out other characters for their behaviour and attitudes— particularly casual sexism. But beyond being the all-time MVP of party chat, she's also genuinely thoughtful, caring and considerate, which is slowly teased out before becoming her defining arc. She's well-rounded in ways that comedic characters rarely get to be. Least favourite: Angelo. I've n
  4. It would be a really good idea. The ostensible point of a silent protagonist is to represent the player… so allowing the player to actually design their avatar makes sense. Even a very limited character creator, like IX, can go a long way. At the very least, they should give the player a choice of a male or female hero.
  5. Popping back in to say that I'm currently playing DQ6, and I had a good guffaw at the skeleton in chains named "undentured servant".
  6. I just want some sort of re-release of DQ9. Switch would be ideal but I'll take a mobile port. I just want to play it!
  7. "You know what they call a fading jenny with Tantegel?" "They don't call it a fading jenny?" "Nah, man, they got the Nintendo Entertainment System. They wouldn't know what the #$*! a 'jenny' is." "What do they call it?" "They call it an 'invisibility herb.'" "'Invisibility herb!'" "That's right." "What's a medicinal herb?" "A herb's a herb, but they call it 'medical herb.'" "'Medical herb!' What do they call a Falcon blade?" "I don't know, I didn't go in a weapon shop."
  8. Why would it be a logistical nightmare? I'm not suggesting they cram every game together in some frankenstein adaptation, or that they have some checklist of things to hit, just that it occasionally borrows iconography, terminology and concepts from across the franchise— in the same way that the games themselves build off what came before them: III's class designs pop-up as generic NPCs, VIII borrowed the orbs from III, XI took the cowardly prince from VIII, and V itself built upon what IV laid out with Zenithia.
  9. But Luca isn't a real person, he's as fictional as the rest of it. The only reason DQ5, specifically, is "his favourite" is because that's how the writers chose to approach the story— and there's no reason that they couldn't have chosen a different tack in writing the film. What difference would it make? Well, the ultimate message of the film is that we should cherish and embrace our experiences with video games, because even if it's "just" fiction, it can be moving, affecting, resonant and personally important all the same… and I think filtering that through one specific game is a little
  10. I mean, the better choice would have been to just make a wholly original story. Not only would that solve the issue of the rushed pacing, but they would be free to lift iconography from all across the series… and ultimately deliver a message that's about the series as a whole instead of V specifically.
  11. Your Story is a huge mess. Adapting any RPG into a 90-minute film is always going to result in something rushed and disjointed, but it's all the worse here because Dragon Quest V simply isn't suited to compression; the whole point of the game is that it follows a person from childhood to adulthood, showing all the hardships and milestones they experience along the way. That needs time to play out properly, and without it, none of these moments really land. In Your Story, there's something like twenty-five minutes between Luca meeting Nera and Luca wedding Bianca, and one scene change later the
  12. (I had a quick look to see if this topic was done before and couldn't find anything— apologies if it has, and I just missed it.) The modern Dragon Quest translations are well-known for their abundance of wordplay: some good, some bad, some good in a bad way, but always memorable. What are some of your favourites, the ones that really made you tip your hat… or groan? Monster names are very good for this. My all-time favourite, as you might guess, is Sham hatwitch. It's one of the rarer ones that's at once completely appropriate, genuinely clever, very funny (spoonerisms are always a
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