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  1. (I had a quick look to see if this topic was done before and couldn't find anything— apologies if it has, and I just missed it.) The modern Dragon Quest translations are well-known for their abundance of wordplay: some good, some bad, some good in a bad way, but always memorable. What are some of your favourites, the ones that really made you tip your hat… or groan? Monster names are very good for this. My all-time favourite, as you might guess, is Sham hatwitch. It's one of the rarer ones that's at once completely appropriate, genuinely clever, very funny (spoonerisms are always a laugh) and completely natural sounding. My runner-up is Mars rover, for similar reasons: a triple-pun that suits the monster to a tee. A tyrannical robot named Tinpot Dictator isn't quite as witty, but it's memorable nonetheless for how fitting it is. Another, smaller one that's stuck in my mind is how Debora's weapons are named "akillics", with the description that they "nail an enemy twice in one turn". Not so much for the puns themselves, but that they're there to begin with… that the translators manage to squeeze puns into everything, everywhere. Sometimes it boggles the mind these weren't originally written in English. As far as writing does goes, I was amazed to see all the dialogue in Jipang (DQ3) and Hotto (DQ11) being done in in haiku. I can only imagine how much hair pulling that decision lead to, but the translators did an incredible job of making the dialogue comprehensible within that framework. DQ11's mermaids talking in rhyme is also shockingly well-done; I didn't even realize there was anything going on at first, that's how natural and un-forced it is. What about you?
  2. I am a fan of puns, so I quite enjoy seeing what DQ can come up with. But "Sham Hatwitch" is more than just chuckle-worthy, it's a genuinely clever and appropriate play-on-words, and one of the best they've ever done. IMO, only "Mars Rover" comes close.
  3. The definitive version of DQ 1 and 2 is the Super Famicom remake— which makes it difficult to pin down the definitive English version. Each version we have received has some trade-off or compromise: the NES versions have some design sensibilities that frustrate in modern times, the GBC version is a good-but-necessarily-compromised adaptation of the SFC version, with the usual claustrophobic feel of the GB; and the mobile and Switch versions are more direct ports, and have modern translations to boot, but both manage to screw up the graphics in different, but equally ugly ways. Excluding fan translations or hacks, I think the GBC version is probably the best version available in English, but it's not at the level of definitive, I don't think.
  4. My first was Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Journey way back in 2001-ish. This was near the height of the Pokémon craze, and DWM2 caught my interest for the way it did the monster-catching idea in a wholly different way. I had a great time with it, but since my interest in RPGs at that time only extended to monster-catchers, I never followed it with the DW ports on the system. I got into the series for real in 2016, with the western release of Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past. This wasn't the first time the main series had caught my eye: about a decade before, during the DS era, I looked into the series but ultimately dismissed it as "too simplistic" for me to enjoy. In 2016, I still harboured some of those concerns, but DQ7 was so endlessly intriguing and fascinating to me— from the time-travel premise, to the down-to-earth character designs, to even the game's reputation as being way too long— that I took a leap of faith. I'm glad I did: beyond getting me into the series, it also became one of my favourite games ever!
  5. Hi, For the past few days I haven't been able to log into (and, consequently, make edits) to the wiki. Here's the error message: I've done all the usual steps (clear cookies and cache, restart) to no avail; googling the issue shows that several other people using MediaWiki have had the same issue at various times, and that it's apparently a bug in the software…? Anybody else having this problem, or found a solution? If not, is this something the admins could look into? Thanks!
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