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  1. can some one link me the discord sever number it wont let me log in !
  2. i own the game and the system how do i patch it do i just put it on an sd card and load the game up , if their is any videos for it can some one link me please!
  3. so what do i need to do to buy it , i have a google play account , if their is a link for it please let me know i own the 3ds version but i do not have time to play it so having it for phone would be cool to play on my phone
  4. https://www.siliconera.com/dragon-quest-monsters-2-headed-to-smartphones-in-japan-with-new-features-on-august-6-2020/ if any one is going t o sign up for this let me know i am a big Fan of the monster games and would love to play it on my phone!
  5. if any one know how do you unlock the monster portal that is on the farm that knight monster , do i need to give him a monster and if so what one , i need the portal because it a good place to get xp for my monsters , and the reason i am asking i play the japan version ,i beat once i just stuck on that part
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