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  1. Thank you everyone I will be joining you guys soon!
  2. Hey, everyone I'm new here. I have been wanting to start this game for years. I'm finally going to do it. This can help me with my Japanese. Before I take the plunge I have a few questions maybe you guys can answer? First: On the JP website it says "all the main stories of Version 1 'Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Tribes Online', 'Windows Free Trial Version' can be played until the end of Version 2 'Dragon Quest X Sleeping Brave and Guide Allies Online' as well as various contents. You can enjoy it for free." So, exactly how much of the Level/story/game is up to V2? It's not timed right? Second: I hear there's a 3DS version?? I would definitely import so is it extra hoops to get this running? Does the trial still apply? Third: Is there an English community guild, discord or anything? Finally: I need to buy the game+all expansions correct? Where can I do this? And if I get it on PC can I still play on Switch/PS4/3DS? Thank you and my apologies for all the questions. I really want to dive in properly
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