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  1. Sweet! I'm glad you know who to tell about this. Thank you all for your help. It'll be pretty awesome if my out of the blue discovery turns into something useful.
  2. Yes, that is the exact tile I was referring to. Thank you for the tile map. As for enemies, I don't remember exactly which enemies I fought leading up to the glitch. I know I fought 1 Goldman, Skeletons and Wraiths, Warlocks, Metal Scorpions, Wolfs and Wolflords. I also encountered some enemies in the cave, but that was before I noticed any lagging.
  3. Name: CONNOR Strength: 33 Agility: 31 Maximum HP: 50 Maximum MP: 40 Attack Power: 53 Defense Power: 27 Weapon: Broad Sword Armor: Leather Armor Shield: Small Shield *Fighter's Ring +2 ATT & Dragon's Scale +2 DEF* If you think of anything else that I should share, let me know.
  4. So far I have been unable to replicate the event, but I wanted to provide as much information as I have. My understanding is that I likely (accidentally) executed arbitrary code that spawned the princess. That being said, I don't know which memory addresses store what information, so I will provide a picture of the location this glitch occurred as well as information regarding my inventory, and equipment. Equipment: Broad Sword (recent purchase, having traded in Hand Ax) Leather Armor Small Shield Inventory: Magic Key (2) Staff of Rain Dragon's Scale (E) Fairy Flute Fighter's Ring (E) *On a separate occasion in this file I had put on the cursed belt, but had the curse removed.* Reflection: The reason I unplugged my controller originally is I noticed the game was not registering my inputs. I assumed it was the fault of the controller, but in retrospect, the game may have been slowing down due to code execution meaning: the break point could have occurred before I unplugged the controller. Map Key: B=Bridge H=Hill M=Mountain P=Player T=Tree W=Water I hand drew the map as my camera couldn't filter the exposure from the television well. I would like to reiterate I am relaying my findings so that Dragon Warrior speedrunners can have this warp if it is possible to replicate. So please, if you are reading this, pass along the information to those who know the inner workings of the game. Thank you!
  5. This was on a physical NES, and I know within 3 tiles the location it occurred. One of the weirdest parts that I forgot to mention originally, was when the princess was talking to me her text was colored green.
  6. I just picked up Dragon Warrior for the NES this week and was doing my first casual play-through. I thought it would be fun to try the game blind, rather than following a guide, but I encountered something that I am nearly certain is highly unusual. I was farming gold and exp (currently level 10), and I was farming enemies south of Rimuldar. Upon saving up 1500 gold I stopped in town to get the broadsword and then began farming gold for armor. After finishing a fight I noticed my controller was acting a little buggy, so I gently unplugged it and plugged it back in. When I plugged my controller into the console a text-box appeared on top of the over-world. It read: "Please wait, I wish to go with the on thy journey. May I travel as thy companion?" Another text-box appeared, giving me the options Yes and No. I thought: "How cool, I didn't know you had a companion in this game, I wonder how that impacts fighting." So I hit yes. The stranger replied "I'm so happy!" walked onto the same square I was on and half of my sprite merged with her sprite. Then the credits rolled. I was completely shocked to suddenly win the game in the middle of a field... I thought you were supposed to fight the "DragonLord" or something... I'm assuming I somehow caused a credits-warp and won far earlier than I ever was meant to, and being a fan of speed runs, I wanted to post this discovery so that someone who knows this game, or just a member of the community may be able to use it. I'm going to find out if I can recreate the event on my own, and will post more findings if I am able.
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