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  1. ok, that seems to have worked. I've completed character creation and my character names are い よ て ん and あ す た . How can I join you english-speaking players?
  2. I just bring up SoftEther vpn, double click VPN gate public VPN relay servers, and connect to a japanese one right?
  3. So, first of all, hello everyone, looking forward to playing with you. I started off with ASHES guide to getting started on PC, I set up a japanese SE account, I never had to do step 11 which is entering a name in japanese and a japanese address. I got the trial, I installed the game. I loaded a VPN with SoftEther. The couple times I tried to log in it kicked me off right away with this message
  4. yeah I'm not seeing " VPN Gate Public VPN Relay Servers. " Help? totally brand new to VPNs. edit: make sure you download SoftEther VPN Client + VPN Gate Client Plugin .
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