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  1. Good early morning! I'm sharing my DWIV Journey Journal with video links to my Solo Challenge showing my battles defeating Esturk, the barrier bosses and Necrosaro. It was NOT easy, yet I know a few of you on here has successfully completed this challenge. I'm glad to join in your ranks! Maybe some things I wrote will help others who'd want to undertake and complete this challenge. https://supersommerville.wordpress.com/2021/05/26/dragon-warrior-iv-nes-solo-challenge/
  2. My saddest DQ moment was in DQ2's opening involving the sacking of Moonbrooke. Playing this as a child, it was the first time playing a video game with a story of people dying... and never coming back. Throughout the game, I thought I would see more subjects or soldiers from Moonbrooke alive in other parts of the game. (I think one soldier survived the sacking, but still...) I even thought the ending was going to show a cutscene of everyone in Moonbrooke returning to rebuild the castle. But none of that was to occur. For the first time, I saw Death as a finite thing in a video game. No e
  3. Hey, fam! I finally join many of you who have attempted to finish DW/DQ 2... and the few of you who have completed it! It's an honor to share the YouTube link below for video proof. https://youtu.be/6RZy5dTMBFs Also, I wrote a journal of my solo journey. Kinda my thing to do! It may help others who want to complete the game solo too. https://supersommerville.wordpress.com/2021/01/25/dragon-warrior-ii-nes-solo-challenge/ I had to get another WordPress account, some carrying over everything I wrote to the new account and updating my links is work.
  4. I love DQ9 but hated it too. A main title on a handheld, forcing me to go online to unlock content that is already on the game cart... Ugh. I think DQ9 was a "Let's See" project for Nintendo and Square-Enix to see if the sales of the DS would increase from a main DQ title being released on it. To my understanding, DQ9 did successfully help to increase sales of the DS system a bit. For a remake... DQ11 graphics, in-game unlock and update flags for Ruida's Inn, Extra Quests, Treasure Maps and Sellma's Store... and put it on a true gamers system. I suppose extra outfits like the Animal S
  5. I wrote up my last WP page explaining my solo quest up to the end fighting and defeating Zoma. My journey journal has ended. Please remember, this refers to the original American NES Dragon Warrior III. Thank you everyone. It feels good to give back to this board and share my experiences of this solo run that it might help someone and give new insight. https://mikeatventionsx.wordpress.com/2019/05/14/dragon-warrior-3-solo-journey-journal-2-defeating-zoma/
  6. You're so right. I was posting and working too-so though your above post was visible, I didn't see it. Also, I've mainly used this site for quick DW Series tips. Any posts on Solo Runs just eluded me. It was when I really started to get serious about the run, I noticed that so many people have done and succeeded it.
  7. I've been checking Dragon's Den out for awhile but never noticed that there are those who attempted solo runs like I have. If you like DW THAT much, I feel like we're siblings. I wrote up a WP page explaining my solo quest so far up to Baramos. (I'll get to Zoma later.) It's like a journey journal. Maybe something in my write-up can help others achieve Dragon Warrior/Quest III solo completion. Remember, this refers to the original American NES Dragon Warrior III. The SNES and GBC, although great, I prefer the original. https://mikeatventionsx.wordpress.com/2019/04/29/dragon-warr
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