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  1. Ah i see. I do plan on translating the story once I've fully covered the the game mechanics and such, which im close to getting done. Its a pretty long story now having 2 worlds. The first world is a whopping 390 quests, and 182 subquests. The second world is now at 202 quests and 104 subquests Not counting the Loto and Zenithian perma-event quests, and limited events that pop up... Iol it's alot for just me who is doing this. But I do hope that either we do get this game in english one day or once I get to translate the story that you possibly come back and are able to enjoy the game Yeah the Star God limited event is awesome, finally mixing some scifi into the DQ theme. It's refreshing to see the series being experimented like so!
  2. Hey guys, GigaDracky here! Being new to this forum I hope to meet new friends who are fans to the series and engange in discussing interesting topics and hearing opinions from you all A little bit about myself, I've been a big fan of DQ since I was a wee slime. I remember watching my big brothers play Dragon Warrior on NES and other RPGs but when I first laid my eyes on the iconic Slime what struck me was how even though it was one of the first monsters you fight in the series it always has a smile even when you fight against it. I quickly caught interest with the cute little critter and decided it was a game I'd like to play. It wasn't until DW7 on ps1 when I finally got to really play the series and understand its theme and world, I fell in love with the series. With all the guides, efforts with translations, and contributors of this series to us fans I've finally wanted to be a more active part to the fan community. So I decided to join here with hopes of making friends and contributing with what I can So much has helped me from here with playing the series and being updated on news and such, so I want to thank you all contributers I hope that any of you who play Dragon Quest of the Stars mobile game find my guides helpful and useful to your playthrough! I hope my contribution to this game brings players together and welcomes new comers to try it out and find themselves enjoying it My japanese isn't the greatest but I am learning a great deal and improving As to why I chose GigaDracky as a nickname, I also love Drackys and thought such a nickname was a good fit for me. It just sounds cute to me lol -sorry for the long intro
  3. Hello guys! So I have been working on a translation guide on how to play the mobile game 星のドラゴンクエスト/Hoshi no Dragon Quest/Dragon Quest of the Stars. Not only am i working on a guide but also have a Discord server where we can plan multiplayer quests, discuss about the game, where i post my guides, talk about the series as whole, etc. I welcome everyone to join. The main mission is to bring current players together and have newcomers join and help eachother on quests, using the multiplayer feature. Id like for fans to give this game a try if they haven't yet. It is not region locked or IP locked, you do have to either change your play stores region or download QooApp application to download the game since it may not be available to your country, but as far as opening the game and playing it requires no VPN or any sort of trick to playing it. https://discord.gg/GhaWysV I am also looking for people who would like to help with Translation and being Discord Mod. Message me for details if you have free spare time and would like to have a fun project to collaborate with, have ideas youd like to share, or just want to give to the DQ community in any way.
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