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  1. Honestly I didn't really look at sk8tor's guide at all, I just was looking for encounter maps and the only one I found was the one for 3. The randomization makes sense though, I did an experiment before where I just went through a bunch of battles on the hilltop area outside Weaver's Peak and ended up writing down like ~15 unique formations before stopping. Now I really don't understand your first #2 bullet point. You're saying While also saying I figured the first line was referring to how many monsters are found in a specific type of group. So a small group can be composed of 1, 2, or 4-5 monsters, while a large group can have 1, 2, or 3 monsters. But that doesn't make sense according to the names, considering that would mean a small group could have more monsters than a large group. Small/Medum/Large is referring to the number of monsters in the group, right? Still I don't know what to think of the next line because it seems like you're redefining what you said in the first one. The rest of it mostly makes sense, though I feel like I'm really missing some context without fully understanding the lines I quoted. For my purposes, I don't need to know 100% of the details if they're this obfuscated, as long as I have enough that I could replicate the system without any noticeable differences. So I guess the next thing I'd wanna ask is how can I figure out the regions the world is separated into for the purposes of spawning monsters? According to the map for 3, it seems like everything's just divided into squares and a check to see if you're on land or ground, but how can I figure out how big those squares are for 2 & 6? Or if they do something entirely different in those games? I'm guessing it wouldn't be too ridiculous to do a couple more experiments in-game to see how big one quadrant is and then extrapolate that to the rest of the world, they might even be identical to 3's since the world maps are the same size. But I think I'll seek your wisdom first before I start to poke around. Oh, one more question - how do you know about these "fixed values on certain maps for certain enemies" thing? Is it just that apparent from playing or do you have to do some digging?
  2. I'm trying to figure out what the specific monster groups are per area in DQ2 and 6. Not like, where individual monster can be found, but what are the formations those monsters appear in. For example, around Weaver's Peak on the field you can get into a fight with "Spotted Slime x1", "Feralball x2 + Spotted Slime x3", etc. Something like what this guide explains would help a lot: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gbc/450388-dragon-warrior-iii/faqs/70113 But I'm assuming no similar guide exists for these games, so I'd like to have a better understanding of how I can figure this stuff out for myself. I wouldn't mind going into the games and using save states to reload areas and explore every possible encounter, but I don't even know the quadrants/regions the monster encounters are divided up into.
  3. Hey lads, I recently finished uploading and organize a lot of DQ music to my youtube channel and I wanted to share it with you guys. I've got all of the mainline game soundtracks (excluding 10's) and their symphonic suites + a couple extra like the monster games, mystery dungeon, slime morimori etc. I know there's a couple other channels with this stuff but I always found it hard to find one that had everything in one place. Link to the channel here. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-bWHZ5h5-1hnphA4UhnrbQ A benefit to this is that I was able to organize all of the games' music and make playlists for occurring themes in the series, like tower themes, town themes, etc. I have a channel introduction that explains this a little more, but here's a document that shows all of the tracks organized by their theme. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wiofl_Q9kOIMeJ9tfmfYp-OgzInXoohv/view I hope you guys find this all useful in some way, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Credit to mufasaa here on this site for his mega collection of DQ OSTs by the way, 95% of my uploads came from his mega.
  4. I was looking through this (and some youtube video series) to figure out the remainder of the normal game's bosses, but the guide doesn't go into detail about post-game bosses and the video series didn't make me feel too confident in my understanding of them either. Gisvarg is the secret final boss, and it seems like you need to defeat the 4 spirits (light & dark not included because they work differently?) to get their respective orb in order to unlock Gisvarg's dungeon. I still don't know about monsters like the Dragon Lord, Zenith Dragon, Celestial Beast, the seemingly random "boss + 2 minion" combos you fight at the end of every color dungeon, etc. And there's some bosses taken from older games like Marquis de Leon that seem to appear as regular monsters in Caravan Heart, so that's throwing me off too. I just would appreciate someone who's well-acquainted with the game to list out the boss order clearly for me, noting when one may be optional or randomly selected from a pool of specific monsters, however it works.
  5. Can someone clarify exactly how post-game works? Like how you progress through it to receive the true ending? I stopped playing half-way through the main game and have little interest in completing it, but I want to figure out what the boss order of the game is. I currently have the following: Gargoyle Barbaru / Illusion Axe / Illusion Blade Healmore Moon x4 / Fire Mister x2 Londarkian Hero / Londarkian Mage Giga Atlus Silver Pazuzu Arc Belial Dragon Gryphynx | Chaos Drake | Chain Djinn | Rosevine Dark Flame / Magarugi / Death Blizzard Magarugi (2nd form) Because I don't fully understand how postgame works, I'm not sure where to place the remaining bosses, or even what the remaining bosses are. I believe the spirits are fought in postgame, but that's all I know. Please help.
  6. No, but I could go back into the project and export each as individual clips if you'd like. I can send you a PM/email with them when I do (probably sometime tomorrow).
  7. Not sure if this is the right forum section, but if anyone's interested I put together most of the spell/skill effects from DQVI into a video. Link
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