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  1. Sylvando: An excellent character with excellent design, there is never a dull moment with him and his development over the story is fantastic. In battle. he works in pretty much every party and has not only good all around ability but also entertaining moves, suitably. His optimistic attitude and flamboyant personality is fun all throughout the game and not once becomes obnoxious. Also his interactions with 8 are fun to watch and make sense as they both learn from each other. Rab: Good design and story. He is both funny and fits in the main story very well, and he also has quite emotional scenes (especially in DQXIS). In battle, he is fun to use and can fit most roles, I used him as my main healer instead of Serena. I also seeing his relationship with the Luminary develop and the added scene with them in DQXIS is an excellent addition. Jade: Cool design, interesting backstory, but that's about it. This character could've been much better but they just capitalised on the design instead. In battle, she is great offensively, but I find the Sex Appeal skills obnoxious as she is clearly not a character who would use those abilities, similar to Jessica in DQVIII where the fan service also takes from the character in my opinion. I would have preferred more development and no Sex Appeal skills, they just don't make sense for this character.
  2. I predicted who Erik's partner was completely wrong. I thought that it was a reference to the Monsters game that has been announced and that he would've remembered the character from his childhood. It was an unexpected reveal but made sense, however, it would've also been cool if it was a hint towards the upcoming Monsters game.
  3. Now Japanese sales for DQXI S stand at 412,997, 11,090 being purchased during the week, a decrease of 4,654 units in comparison to the previous week. It probably won't reach 500,000 sales in Japan, at least not anytime soon, but still not too bad. I only hope the overseas figures can match it or do better.. Source: https://nintendoeverything.com/famitsu-sales-10-21-19-10-27-19/
  4. I haven't reached it on Switch personally, but in the PS4/Steam game, the 'Lord of Shadows' (human skull) was referred to as 'Mordragon' in the bestiary and 'Mordragon' (dragon skull) was referred to as 'Mordragon's Tail'. The inconsistency here was weird, I guess they fixed it up for this version. So I think from what you wrote that the renamed 'Lord of Shadows' to 'Mordragon' and renamed 'Mordragon' to 'Mordragon's Tail', correct me if I'm wrong though.
  5. Ah yes, this is what I thought it could mean if they are two seperate entities, thanks.
  6. I'm referring to Mordegon here. I read here that the Lord of Shadows is a separate entity to Mordegon. It basically says that the being that presents itself after the Fall of Yggdrasil (probably Mordegon's first demon form) proves that it is separate to Mordegon. However, I always thought that Lord of Shadows was just the title that was used to refer to Mordegon and that the being was just Mordegon after absorbing Yggdrasil's powers. And as for the two dragons in his final form, the bestiary states that Mordragon's Tail is the Sword of Shadows so wouldn't that mean that Mordragon is Mordegon.. This seems pretty obvious but I don't know why the site states that it's a different entity. The only thing that would make sense to me is that the Lord of Shadows is the dark force that entered Morcant when he absorbed his powers but even then, Lord of Shadows just seems like a title. So, are they different or is the article wrong?
  7. This is a very big oof. The SNES versions were perfect! Why do this, it looks so messy! However, I still appreciate the fact that they're bringing more Dragon Quest to the outer world! Maybe we'll get that upcoming Monsters title too
  8. The demo is really fun so far! I like the style of the game and the characters are lively and interesting. I kind of wish that the time spent on the monster ship was a bit darker though. I get that the game isn't really deep or anything based on the dialogue and style but it feels a little weird to me, when the monsters are acting nice and stuff because they're supposed to hate the builders. I guess there was an execution in the opening cutscene to make up for that though.
  9. Nice, I love these type of battles! It reminds me of another battle I saw when watching a friend play Joker. He was at Tartarus (Dr. Snapped's dungeon) and reached the part with the Atlas boss fight. I can't remember what monsters he was using because it was many years ago but the battle was hard for him and he had only one monster left. Atlas was poisoned but still managed to kill the monster during his turn and the party was wiped out. But because Atlas ended his turn he took poison damage which killed him! Unfortunately it didn't count as defeating Atlas as none of the party was alive. Another battle I remember fondly is the Biting Batboon (SnowBat) boss fight in DQVII (3DS). This boss fight caught me by surprise as I wasn't expecting it nor was I prepared for it. Gradually the biting batboon managed to defeat my party members and I had given up so I just attacked with my last remaining party member and the Biting Batboon died! I think it was Ruff who killed him and got all the exp for himself!
  10. The slime knight mount is hilarious, I hope that we can ride King Slimes too (probably not)! Also shouldn't the second video say 16 bit instead of 8 bit? DQVII looks great anyway, funny how they swapped the moving stones with the rockbomb family.
  11. Wow this looks amazing! I never really wanted a Dragon Quest movie but now this trailer has made me change my mind. I would like to see Nimzo present in the movie and if he is I hope they will do something interesting with him rather than have him appear near the end with only a bit of referencing here and there. Also, I love his second form and seeing it animated in this style could be really well done.
  12. It's located on the most western part of the map within a grove of trees near the Seer's house. Here's a video showing you where it is on the map.
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