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  1. I wonder how many copies out of the 78 million were sold outside of Japan. To be honest, I doubt Dragon Quest has even 10 million combined sales outside Japan, most of which come from Dragon Quest VIII, IX, and XI. I wonder what Square Enix did in Japan, that they failed to do overseas to cause Dragon Quest to be such a success. Obviously, it has a lot to do with marketing but I wonder how much marketing was done in Japan to reach that crazy number of sales at the beginning.
  2. Builders 2 is coming to both the PS4 and the Switch on the same date, July 12th. Square Enix themselves announced it.
  3. Yeah that's definitely a credits warp. I've never seen or heard of a credits warp in a Dragon Quest/Warrior game before, that's a pretty cool find! It might make for really fast speedruns if it's possible to do it again. I wonder if it's the location that was significant or the fact that you plugged in your controller again, or both?
  4. I really like Toriyama's art style. I can understand why SE would opt for a different art style for the movies but I'd like to see his signature style or at least something similar to continue to be in the games, especially the mainline series. It may slightly change over time due to other people potentially taking the leads for the art used in the games but I'd like the change to be somewhat gradual as the Toriyama style is one of the reasons why I like Dragon Quest so much. That being said, I do agree and think it's a good idea to rely on Toriyama less and doing the movie in a different style is probably a good move for SE and Dragon Quest worldwide.
  5. So, I played through this game a while back and finished the main story line (this final boss was easily the hardest of all the Joker games). However, I played the game in Japanese and I want to finish the post-game but I don't know what I'm supposed to do. I'm at the part where you're in a room (space shuttle-like) with three doors, each one with a diamond of a different colour in the middle. Behind each door is a path to a boss monster. I've unlocked two of the doors where I fought palette swaps of the Metal Goddess Slime and Poseidon. The last door has a green diamond in the middle of it and I believe a palette swap of the Liege Lizard lies behind it. However, I don't know what events triggered the first two doors to open and I'm lost at how to open the third. Could someone please tell me how to open this door so that I can fight the boss?
  6. I believe the 3DS version had an extra post-game party member. That might be a good idea to add to the Switch version of the game. Spoilers below.
  7. Hey, I've been making Dragon Quest quizzes on Sporcle for a while, and I thought that I could share them here if anyone was interested. Enjoy, I guess. https://www.sporcle.com/user/dragonquester/quizzes/
  8. I'm curious to see what you guys thought about Dragon Quest XI's villains, what you liked and didn't like about them, your favourite villain in the game, how they compare to other villains in the Dragon Quest series and so on. The primary villains of the game are Jasper, Mordegon, and Calasmos. Of these three, the most well developed, in my opinion is Jasper (not surprisingly as most Dragon Quest final bosses have little to them other than being a demon lord). Jasper is probably my favourite villain in this game because of his competitive relationship with Hendrik and his obvious corrupt nature that was taken advantage of by Mordegon. I also liked Mordegon a lot, I enjoyed the story about how he was once Morcant but I especially liked how he managed to execute his plans and how much preparation he had made. I always enjoy when a villain achieves some sort of goal in a video game, it makes it feel more important and motivates me to move forward. I didn't pay much attention to any of the minor antagonists in this game as most were just simple Dragon Quest bosses, my favourite of those is probably Tatsunaga. I didn't really like Calasmos though, he just didn't feel like he made much of an impact. This game had some pretty good villains overall and I also loved their designs but, for me, they aren't the best in the series, the game seemed to focus a lot more on your party and those characters which was done excellently.
  9. I just remembered that the size system became a thing in Joker 2 where monsters could take up multiple spots in the party. I liked this feature but many did not as I think it was very unbalanced and damaged the competitive aspect of the game. Personally, I'd like to see it return but I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't. Also in Joker 3/Monsters 2 3DS (I think), you were able to alter the size of your monsters, so that may be the solution that is used in this game. Yeah, the recolours in Joker 3 was a real let down. I don't mind the odd recolour here and there like in Joker 1 and 2 but I'd like to see a lot more variety. The skillsets used in the GBC games are fun to use and I think that not having set learnsets is a good idea and can make the game very interesting (a prompt to breed more monsters as well). However, I'd also like to keep stat boosters (Attack Boost etc.), so maybe they could put stat boosters into a seperate system than the learnsets.
  10. I'm interested in what you guys want to see, and any ideas that should be in the next Monsters game that was announced last year during the twentieth anniversary of the Monsters series. The game was said to be on a console (Switch would be perfect in my opinion) and it features the characters Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest XI. Also would you prefer it to be in the style of the original gameboy Monsters games or more like the Joker games (it won't be a Joker game though as Joker 3 Pro was the last of that series). Personally I would like to see it resemble the style used in the first 2 Joker games, as I prefer those two than the third. I want it to have a strong competitive aspect and possible other multiplayer options as these games are really fun to play with your friends or others. I hope that they don't include a riding feature for ALL of the monsters like they did in Joker 3 because that led to a lot of palette swap monsters and fewer actual designs. I think it will use the traditional medieval-like Dragon Quest setting rather than the more modern Joker settings as it features Erik and Mia. Lastly, I want to have some sort of legacy boss fight system similar to that of Dragon Warrior Monsters 1 or Dragon Quest IX.
  11. I don't think Square Enix will actually remake Dragon Quest IX in the coming years because I think they would rather remake Dragon Quest I - III using Dragon Quest XI's engine or a similar graphical style. The reason for this is because earlier, I recall a topic saying that they wanted to remake Dragon Quest III in the previously mentioned style but then said that they'd first work on Dragon Quest XII which, if the last game is a sign, is still a good few years away. However, a Dragon Quest IX remake for switch does have excellent potential.
  12. It would be cool if they added the Dragon Quest XI party members as guests at the inn. Also some other things include adding a casino or monster arena, extra legacy bosses from Dragon Quest X and XI, and it would be cool if you could recruit party members from other Dragon Quest games as some sort of post game content or something like that.
  13. I thought a pet peeve was a small thing that a certain person finds annoying. Anyway, in most Dragon Quest games I like to finish off most boss monsters with an unnecessarily powerful move. It makes me feel like I'm delivering deserved retribution to a villain or antagonist... Also I just like dealing large amounts of damage.
  14. My sister burst into my room and told me a dream she just remembered. So basically, she dreamed her art college was premiering the Dragon Quest movie but it was only for 3rd and 4th years so she spent her dream trying to sneak into one of the viewings. The best part is the merch that was given out to those years (she stole one). It was a crocheted Hendrik arm holding a cypress stick. They were crowds of student with them lining up for the movie and every time she walked past them and held out the Hendrik arm and shouted "For Heliodor!", they'd all hold out the arm and shout it back at her. Bottom Line: I need a crocheted Hendrik arm holding a cypress stick in my life right now, figured one of you guys would get on it.
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