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  1. Respectively it would actually be wands and then heavy wands but yeah you can just choose your preferred weapon types anyway.
  2. Yes. This makes sense to me. When I wrote this topic the page did suggest that the Lord of Shadows and Mordegon were two separate entities which confused me as the game seemed to imply that they are the same but it seems to have been removed. Perhaps it was a mistake.
  3. Sorry for reviving an old and very dead topic but for those who are interested, art of Mordragon and his tail now exists but it's not like regular monster art. It's the art from Dragon Quest of the Stars. It's something though I guess. I still don't understand why the usual Toriyama art of these guys isn't anywhere to be seen.
  4. Yikes, I have 7 Dragon Quest games to play and no time...
    Actually this is a good thing..

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. cprmauldin


      My goodness. So which of the bigger titles are you tackling first?

    3. Hendrik of Heliodor

      Hendrik of Heliodor

      Let's see, I've already started Builders 2, IV, and XI, and I'm chipping away at Stars. Hmm, I'd say I'll go for Builders 2 first, then IV, XI, and lastly I - III. I've already played XI on Steam so I'm prioritising the other 2 games above it and I've also played I and III but I've yet to finish II.

    4. cprmauldin


      Oh, so your experience with XI is kind of like mine. I beat it on PS4 then bought it upon release for the Switch and played it again. The second playthrough was way more in depth though. In the first one, I just got the credits to roll. 

  5. Ok, the game's fun and all but when do I get to fight Estark??
  6. Yes. But if they released Rivals on the Switch they might bring this over too. Sure it won't be as good as an intended console release but I really don't like playing games on mobile.
  7. Still 15 days until the release, maybe it will reach 500k. Probably not, but it would be cool to see.
  8. Probably referring to after Calasmos is beaten, where he says that his body may die, but his spirit will live on and that the darkness will never fade as without it, light cannot exist. This means that the return of an evil of Calasmos' caliber such as Zoma, could be considered a return of Calasmos, as they would both be wrought of the same darkness. This is not definite but based on the parallels we can draw from them make it likely. Obviously it is not the literal return of Calasmos, as Zoma doesn't share his memories or form, but it is the return of the dark entity I guess. But then do the Dragonlord and Malroth come from that same darkness? Probably not, as the Dragonlord is likely to have come from the Dragon Queen's Egg, and Malroth is a god, which seems like a seperate entity to Zoma and Calasmos, more similar to Rubiss. However, the darkness that Calasmos referred to is reflected in their actions.
  9. Browser version went up recently.
  10. I'm referring to Mordragon and Mordragon's Tail (the Timewyrm as well, I guess). Wherever I look I can't seem to find Toriyama art of the final form which is a shame as I actually really liked his final form's design. I've even tried searching in Japanese and no luck there either, but I do recall finding an article about him that said it is unknown whether Toriyama even designed the final boss. This seems unlikely but based on how I can't find any art of him anywhere, maybe it's true.
  11. Mordegon: I did like Mordegon as a villain, as he was both imposing and actually dangerous - unlike villains who just sit around on a nice throne all day. He had an ominous presence all throughout the game and even had a bit of a backstory to him, which gave him a little more depth. Seeing him actually succeed in a goal was interesting and it made him feel very threatening as all the towns suffered as a result, which I enjoyed. I found the final boss fight with him to be very fun and somewhat reminiscent of Mortamor. Calasmos: Eh, didn't really like him. Didn't have any character unlike Mordegon and Jasper. He was just some evil guy that we have to kill. He wasn't threatening, ominous, and was a villain who just sat around in a nice space bubble all day. More could've been done with him - exploring his relationship to the tockles would've made him more memorable. DQXI Hero: I like the Luminary's design. Compared to other Dragon Quest heroes he interacted with the party really well, and his grunts were funny but worked. Having him talk as a child was unexpected and there was excellent attention to detail in giving him a different accent in Rab's bonus story.
  12. Unfortunately you can't. However, in Act 3, you are able to access the parade again and then Hendrik and Rab will appear in those outfits.
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