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  1. This is a very big oof. The SNES versions were perfect! Why do this, it looks so messy! However, I still appreciate the fact that they're bringing more Dragon Quest to the outer world! Maybe we'll get that upcoming Monsters title too
  2. The demo is really fun so far! I like the style of the game and the characters are lively and interesting. I kind of wish that the time spent on the monster ship was a bit darker though. I get that the game isn't really deep or anything based on the dialogue and style but it feels a little weird to me, when the monsters are acting nice and stuff because they're supposed to hate the builders. I guess there was an execution in the opening cutscene to make up for that though.
  3. Nice, I love these type of battles! It reminds me of another battle I saw when watching a friend play Joker. He was at Tartarus (Dr. Snapped's dungeon) and reached the part with the Atlas boss fight. I can't remember what monsters he was using because it was many years ago but the battle was hard for him and he had only one monster left. Atlas was poisoned but still managed to kill the monster during his turn and the party was wiped out. But because Atlas ended his turn he took poison damage which killed him! Unfortunately it didn't count as defeating Atlas as none of the party was alive. Another battle I remember fondly is the Biting Batboon (SnowBat) boss fight in DQVII (3DS). This boss fight caught me by surprise as I wasn't expecting it nor was I prepared for it. Gradually the biting batboon managed to defeat my party members and I had given up so I just attacked with my last remaining party member and the Biting Batboon died! I think it was Ruff who killed him and got all the exp for himself!
  4. The slime knight mount is hilarious, I hope that we can ride King Slimes too (probably not)! Also shouldn't the second video say 16 bit instead of 8 bit? DQVII looks great anyway, funny how they swapped the moving stones with the rockbomb family.
  5. Wow this looks amazing! I never really wanted a Dragon Quest movie but now this trailer has made me change my mind. I would like to see Nimzo present in the movie and if he is I hope they will do something interesting with him rather than have him appear near the end with only a bit of referencing here and there. Also, I love his second form and seeing it animated in this style could be really well done.
  6. It's located on the most western part of the map within a grove of trees near the Seer's house. Here's a video showing you where it is on the map.
  7. Yes, just yes. I need more monsters games in my life. In case you didn't know, there is another monsters game in development for consoles, but it's only been announced in Japan as of now.
  8. I feel your pain, I had my games all lined up for summer, but now I have to buy Smash as well..
  9. I never thought that I'd see the day a Dragon Quest character would make it into Smash! Also I'm happy with that release date, gives me enough time to finish Builders 2 and a couple of other games!
  10. Completely spoiled Hope everyone seeing the trailer already played a previous version!
  11. I don't know about 'best' Dragon Quest game but my favourite DQ is DQMJ2. I remember the first time I saw the Wormonger, I thought that it was so cool. I've easily sunk 400hrs into that game alone. Never got a chance to play with the Wi-Fi however. Out of the mainline games, my favourite is XI because I just loved everything about it and I can't wait for the Switch version.
  12. Well, for Dragon Quest XI, you won't really know the intended level exactly, but I kind of got a feel for it. The levels of your party members are one indicator that shows you a suitable level to be at from my experience anyway. I wouldn't grind unless I could not finish a certain area or defeat a certain boss and, during my playthrough, in boss fights I would always manage to take them down. It wouldn't be a very easy fight but I only died once or twice in my playthrough so it's not like it was that challenging either. For me, that spot is the ideal place to be in terms of difficulty. A few boss fights towards the end of the second act almost killed me but I made it through. In my opinion, that was a good difficulty because you want to feel the challenge towards the end. But I would usually just say find your ideal difficulty and stick with it.
  13. I usually play Dragon Quest games slowly and as a result I'm usually the intended level or somewhere around there. The only Dragon Quest game that I played where I was underleveled was DQIII. That game was challenging enough on its own but when you're underleveled it's even more difficult. While being underleveled can be a hassle (Zoma) it's also quite fun to finally beat a boss that you've been having difficulty with because you feel like you've really achieved something. Overall, I enjoy being underleveled because the challenge is a nice change but I prefer to be around the intended level as I have the most fun that way. In a second playthrough I might go for being underleveled rather than a first.
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