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  1. I find Octopath Traveler superb, having discovered RPGs at the time of ps1 with titles like Grandia, FF, suikoden, legend of dragoon, wild arms, breath of fire 3, etc. .. I find the charm of the time. the graphics have a lot to do with it, and the mix between pixel art and HD is really well worked and above all very original.
  2. Persona 4 Golden is definitely the best I have ever played. Never seen so much depth in a game.
  3. Space Harrier II is a cult Arcade game, many times adapted but alas without any evolution. Space Harrier is furiously repetitive. A single weapon, a single type of action, finally two ... Shoot the enemies and avoid the obstacles, I remember putting it in the closet after some hours of play. ____________________________________________________ ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro
  4. Assuming this is all true, this is wonderful news. But isn't W101 a Nintendo-owned IP? How is it supposed to come to PS4 or Xbox One? _________________________________________________ VPN Sai Mannat AnyDesk
  5. One of the best animal crossing I have played, it's beautiful, it's new and above all the customization of the island which is really great! No more trouble, with mile goals there's always something to do. ______________________________________________________ TweakBox word counter Tutuapp
  6. I play to Atelier Ryza It’s a charming adventure set against a gorgeous backdrop, and even though it may take a while to get going, it’s worth persevering with. Its combat is engaging, exploration is a delight, and its characters are a pleasure to know. Mini Militia App Lock 7Zip
  7. I don't know yet if I will pre-order the game but thanks for sharing the link. SHAREit MX Player
  8. I am fairly divided. In terms of playing comfort, it seems to me to be one of the best in the saga I have played. Rather well paced, but concerning the script or the narration it is for me one of the most disappointing. It remains, in my opinion, one of the few J-RPG universes that is still worth discovering. VPN Sai Mannat AnyDesk
  9. I could understand a month or two delay but six months for 'final' touches? Seems shady AF. Still want it though... TweakBox word counter Tutuapp
  10. Very fun and addictive game, for those who love platform games, this is a must! the best 2D Mario game! Having not been able to play on Wii U, I am very happy to be able to play on Switch. VPN Sai Mannat AnyDesk
  11. this game made me go through all my states. From the frustration of not being successful to the joy of success, I have never felt such an attraction for a game It's simple: it became in 2 days the best hardcore platformer I ever played. TweakBox word counter Tutuapp
  12. It is this game that made me discover the saga, it is excellent! An interesting scenario, an excellent soundtrack, simple gameplay, endearing and diverted characters ... this game is a must have game. ____________________________________________________________ Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox
  13. Pillars of Eternity is one of those very rare games where when we finish them, we shed a little tear, and we feel a great void because few other games are up to par. A game that speaks to elders like me, to those who have known that blessed time of baldur's gate, icewind dale etc. _________________________________________________________ ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro
  14. Hi, I have not played Valkyrie Anatomia yet, is it good? VPN Sai Mannat AnyDesk
  15. Fabulous, the first word that comes to me when I think of my last hours of play. TweakBox word counter Tutuapp
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