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  1. Done, i uploaded in media fire. I think you need have an hacked wii to use this save, because all game that have an id and can be played online cannot be copied to sd card, as my wii is hacked i can copy the save to the card. If anyone can try. http://www.mediafire.com/file/4vgu8cy8xauagzb/dragonquestsave.zip/file
  2. I buyed all the buyable cards in the game but my sd card has stoped work. So when i buy another other i post here.
  3. I buyed my first wii and the save is here! I will get more cards and send you the save. I think the save is emaible.
  4. In past i played the dragon quest monster arcade victory and finished all content, and i upload the save file in the wiisaves.com But the site has ben removed. So i thinking in playing again and upload the save file here. I tell this because if you hack the game with some codes the game crash in some battles. I finished all content in the wii version of game. And thinking in buing a wii to play this game againd and others.
  5. Hi, this heroes game is good or is like all musou? Because they are very boring, to easy. But i want play as dragon quest heroes... The eldrick is playable?
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