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  1. Does anyone have a list of the English names for the rarefied monsters present in the game? Specifically the Rose Princess and Paladino versions of the Stumpkin and Hacksaurus.
  2. Has anyone heard of any of the PC version players ripping art assets for weapons, armor, and so forth yet? Not the polygon models, but the actual artwork shown for the icons.
  3. I vaguely recall the game being added to gamestop's sku list around winter of 2018, but this posting is new and, coupled with the german registry, is a good sign.
  4. A wiki user by the name of Molacarthy has ripped the entire transcript for the mobile phone version of IV, as well as the party chat for VI. I had nothing to do with either rip, I'm just spreading word about this achievement and all credit is due towards Molacarthy. https://dragon-quest.org/wiki/Dragon_Quest_IV_Transcript https://dragon-quest.org/wiki/Dragon_Quest_VI_Party_Chat I'm posting this in the general section of the forum to maximize visibility for most readers; Woodus, if you want to move it later then by all means.
  5. This is an incredible achievement, thanks a million for getting the ball rolling! The story presented therein is slightly fictitious, but it will still help clarify how the series came to be for people not already familiar--Torishima's involvement, the Enix contest, etc.
  6. News like this keeps hitting the front page of the internet, and yet you still see goons pretending that it's 2006 and that the series is dead in the west. At this point, after Hero made it into smash bros, I'm willing to be that it's a 24/7 gay op by the last few final fantasy fans in denial.
  7. It looks like both will have physical releases, which is good because I didn't want another Mega man legacy situation. However, if koei-tecmo is going through the trouble of releasing the separate versions then it may very well be that we're getting properly tuned versions superior to the 1+2 port.
  8. Your best bet would be to network with translators by sending out emails. Lots of translators take commissions but be prepared for a hefty fee due to the size of the volume. Bakamanga updates would be a good directory to start with, and then it's just a matter of finding the next available person.
  9. Has anyone every found reliable information for the number of units sold for each release in America? I've checked the VGsales wiki, which does at least have citations, but they usually only cover the first month. Specifically, I'm trying to find out how the DS releases for the Zenithian trilogy and the Joker duo fared.
  10. The slime knights are little puppets the slime uses, but the restless armors are empty suits inhabited by vengeful ghosts. I think the knight errant and it's pallet swaps are the only flesh and blood armor enemies, aside from the instances where a restless armor/knight errant/harmor is used for an npc in battle. The cheetah's are weird because they're just a little bit off--I think the humanoid family was implemented not for the goblin monsters but more so for the weirdos who don't have human proportions. Toriyama's style changing and becoming more realistic overtime makes the poor guys into actual monsters and not just berserkers.
  11. This is an astonishing accomplishment--give yourself and your team a pat on the back before anything else! If you have the time though, do you mind if I pick your brain for a few bits of information? Specifically, I'm curious if you could post the entire scripts as documents, and how much knowledge of the game's engine you obtained during this undertaking. I've always assumed that the zenithian trilogy uses the same engine for all three games, and if that's true then you may very well have taken a sledgehammer to the largest obstacle in Dragon Quest hacking.
  12. I'm way late to the party on this one, but does anyone have scans of the super famicom guides for 6 and 3? Also, is there a compilation page of everything the forum has amassed so far?
  13. Thanks guys, but all credit should go to Aerynb for ripping it out in the first place. All I needed to do was organize the lines and speak with a bunch of NPCs. Here's a question for everyone though: regarding Psaro, would you prefer me to just go ahead an paste his lines with no context, or wait for me to complete chapter 5 and 6 first so everything can be posted at once?
  14. Took me longer than I anticipated and pastebin messed with my formatting a little, but here are the first four chapters ready to read. Chapter 1 https://pastebin.com/GyTkcH6h Chapter 2 Alena https://pastebin.com/r82b2qza Kiryl https://pastebin.com/aT37enxT Borya https://pastebin.com/v15urfzX Chapter 3 https://pastebin.com/1NZ1AvXC Chapter 4 Meena https://pastebin.com/SjxYtmUB Maya https://pastebin.com/Xu72WE4f Oojam https://pastebin.com/myYdhvNL Can't give any ETA's for chapter five, but I will be chipping away at it when I am able. If any lines are missing, let me know along with the context and I'll add them back into the main document.
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