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  1. Thanks guys, but all credit should go to Aerynb for ripping it out in the first place. All I needed to do was organize the lines and speak with a bunch of NPCs. Here's a question for everyone though: regarding Psaro, would you prefer me to just go ahead an paste his lines with no context, or wait for me to complete chapter 5 and 6 first so everything can be posted at once?
  2. Took me longer than I anticipated and pastebin messed with my formatting a little, but here are the first four chapters ready to read. Chapter 1 https://pastebin.com/GyTkcH6h Chapter 2 Alena https://pastebin.com/r82b2qza Kiryl https://pastebin.com/aT37enxT Borya https://pastebin.com/v15urfzX Chapter 3 https://pastebin.com/1NZ1AvXC Chapter 4 Meena https://pastebin.com/SjxYtmUB Maya https://pastebin.com/Xu72WE4f Oojam https://pastebin.com/myYdhvNL Can't give any ETA's for chapter five, but I will be chipping away at it when I am able. If any lines are missing, let me know along with the context and I'll add them back into the main document.
  3. The monster magnet was available to japanese players for a limited window of the game's release, maybe about two weeks or so. It was automatically added to the player's bag when downloaded, so no casino diversion. As for why it was reintroduced after five-ish years and made international at that, I'd say the people talking about the movie have the right idea. Incidentally, I think it would have been more natural and less vidya-y for the mobile port to just make Madchen raise the recruit chance by one stage, IE 1/16 to 1/4. I say this because she mentions being able to understand monsters like her father does, and it would give players more incentive to have her in the party.
  4. Has anyone been able to break down how much the new accessory improves the odds of a monster joining? I assume it would double the chance, but with how accommodating the remakes are in general it may well be higher.
  5. Impressive! Any chance of getting the Devil Glass' morph sprite sheet though?
  6. Has squenix made any statements on B2 getting guides, digital or otherwise, any time soon? I have no idea what Prima's situation is, but I know they made enough off the original to cover the author's costs.
  7. Did someone datamine Jess and Yangus as a ice climbers duo in the last smash update or something?
  8. Yes, it's back up and friends from the smash bros wiki are setting up all the crossover pages and media. Main thing is it's smart to play it safe.
  9. How much would it cost to make that happen? I'm not shy about pitching in if it will save everyone's hardwork over the past decade.
  10. Watching that KH loser scream impotently while he flails around his keyblade that looks like it was made out of a pool noodle is the funniest thing I've seen all week.
  11. Adding an alternate skin to a pre-existing character is much easier than making a new fighter from scratch, so don't count Sofia and estrognrick out because you think the devs are lazy or the series isn't popular enough inspite of getting four skins right off the bat.
  12. Go for the smash bros bundle and save yourself some dosh, it's well worth it. Downloading all the patches will be a pain though. Here's a question for everyone though: we've seen the heroes have access to spells, but does this mean that the menu window will have to be scrolled through manually or will it be an idle animation that is cycled through seconds before the spell is used? If it's the former, I can see super armor being applied so that players are not at a disadvantage. Another thing is what if spells are stored after being selected--that is, you cycle through the menu to assign zap or sizzle as the B button, with down-B used to open the menu and switch things around.
  13. Holding out hope for the rest of the lads as dlc, Estard and get a height boost and no one will mind. Secondly, we need the girl alts! If Solo is there then Broccoli-chan shouldn't be far behind.
  14. I knew it would be bad getting a flood of newbies wondering who everyone is, but man did this hit the servers. On that note, does FlyingRagnar have a backup saved anywhere just in case something worse happens?
  15. That'd be the easiest change to implement; the ds' sound hardware is fully capable of mimicking the snes so it's just a matter of sitting down and making it happen. On the subject of music, I personally wouldn't mind a slight remix of the regular battle theme's opening to make it a bit more quick and intense.
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