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  1. I have the PC version of this game and I have made a backup of all it's files. Since this game is getting shutdown on July 5th, I figured I would keep it archived, maybe some programmers out there could figure out a way to make it offline or something or emulate it somehow. I don't know anything about this kinda of stuff. Do you think it's even worth trying? I mean, we can emulate World of Warcraft servers somehow ...
  2. Using Dolphin emulator, but the builds I test work just fine on a Softmodded Wii too. Its better on PC though. I have a USB mayflash sensor bar and I am using real Wiimotes, so its like upscaled Wii games, which is super nice with DQM Battle Road Victory.
  3. Five years ago I asked all over the internet for help to translate the Wii game Dragon Quest Monsters Battle Road Victory and I got really discouraged by the lack of response. I am a huge Dragon Quest fan, I collect all the games in North America and all those that came out in Japan. I even collected all the various controllers, special editions, collector's editions of games, all the various consoles that came out with a Dragon Quest theme, figures and other merch I find interesting. My entire living room is a Dragon Quest museum. I have been doing this since Dragon Warrior came out. Recently, I started playing Wii games again and I was very much frustrated by the fact that I couldn't play Battle Road Victory properly (I even have the special controller that came out for it by Hori). In the last two weeks, I have translated most of the menus, all the information screens, the hint roll outs at the bottom of the screen, made progress in finding a way to translate the dialog of the RPG mode and even found a way to translated the trading card (Way too many for me translate, theres like 315) Below are some sample screenshots of the translated stuff, and trust me when I say the word sample. Theres a lot of work thats already been done. I am posting here because I think I saw years ago someone who had most of the cards translated, and if you are out there, I'm reaching out to you. I know how you feel, not getting the required help. I feel you. Join me and the others in finally getting this project done. Meddling with the files is a lot of work, but I can do it and I can translate some stuff with my limited japanese knowledge.
  4. I know this topic is old, like VERY old, but as huge Dragon Quest fan & Collector I was looking to buy this, however, the price really is crazy. I'm thiking since I'm a graphic artist and also using 3D printing that maybe I could make file versions of all its components for everyone to download. I would reproduce the boards, the figures for 3D printing and even the box. However, I would require lots of images to start with.
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