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  1. Yes! That's what I've noticed. It's hard to enjoy the gameplay when you're constantly moving from story to story. I mean, I want to get into building my monster classes, farming for best gear, etc. Hahah xD How far into the main story is Buccanham? I'm about 60 hours in and I'm wondering how much further I need to go before I can *play* the game LOL
  2. Thank you for the response! I'm muscling through this. I'm 18 hours in and still haven't gotten to Alltrades Abbey! It's good to know that DQ XI isn't as story intensive.
  3. I started playing DQ VII recently and I'm at the point where I just saved the second island. I feel like %80 of the time I'm running back and forth and triggering story sequences, rather than looting dungeons and fighting baddies. I have two questions for you DQ experts: 1) Is the whole game this story-laden or does it lessen up as I play through the game? 2) How story-heavy is DQ XI in comparison to DQ VII? Thanks, AC
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