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  1. Offline Mode got removed from the game entirely a little while ago
  2. It doesn’t matter which server to be in really unless you want to play with another person in which you should be in the same server as that other person. You can talk to a concierge at an inn at one of the towns to switch servers without logging out of your character.
  3. No problem!!!! I’ll add you as a friend of course!!! Hope we get to meet up in-game sometime!!!!
  4. You won’t see any official options about that online but you have to go through the sub options in-game, like this. Hope this solves the confusion behind what I said!!! Sorry I didn’t clarify it more ;-;
  5. Hello!!! I’m known in-game as Ochan and it’s very nice to meet you!!! An English localization will never happen as confirmed by SE, though an offline version is iffy. I responded to a few of your questions on the team thread. I hoped that helped!!!!!
  6. It’s really not that hard to purchase a sub through eShop. You just go to the menu where the sub options are and click on the one you want to purchase, then you use your eShop balance to pay it, but only through your JP account since NA/EU doesn’t transfer the currency price. I bought the basic pack that contains V1-3 and I’ve been playing regularly since last month with about 130 hours worth of play time. I will be buying V4 soon. The rules to join the guild should be at the very top of this thread. Try to get to the page with the rules and you should be good to go. But really you just need to put your character’s name with the kanji for it, and the ID number that’s included with your character. Then, you should get a team invite within the next few days or so, depending on whether or not Cranberry is online. Hope this helps, and I hope to see you in-game!!!!
  7. It’s good that you bought it though!!! In order to gain access to the other version content, you have to play through story. I had to buy the Switch version since it doesn’t have a free trial but I don’t regret it one bit!
  8. Only PC and PS4 have the free trial and they extended both versions to Version 2 content a few months ago.
  9. I renew my sub through eShop since I play Switch version but you can renew through the SE e-Store using Crysta. You should consider playing the free trial on PC or PS4 that gives you Versions 1 and 2 for free and lets you access the majority of the game’s content outside of the expansions available. Also if you were wondering, yes Kids Time does exist and lets you play for two hours each day without a sub.
  10. You’re better off just joining the team in-game and talking there, cause while there is a small discord server, it’s pretty dead like all the time and very very underdeveloped.
  11. No problem! I had a really great time! Hope we get to hang out more often! And yes a team is basically like a guild. And yes it’s in-game. All you have to do is go to the Dragon’s Den Team thread on the DQX forums and put your character name (in the hiragana or katakana symbols) and the ID and you’ll be sent an invite to the team!
  12. You are able to pay the sub through eShop on Switch or you can use Crysta on the SE Store
  13. The sub is ¥1000 a month, or about $10. There are also 2 and 3 month subs that cost ¥1950 and ¥2900 respectively.
  14. Hey! I hope you are having a blast with Dragon Quest X!!!! May I recommend joining the Dragon’s Den team? It’s full of English speaking players and we would be friends with you if you want to join!!! I’ve only been playing for about a month or so and I’ve had a great time on the team! I hope we get to be friends!!!
  15. You should be able to translate the SE website through google translate. When you sign in to your JP SE account, there will be three banners featuring SE’s different MMOs for registration. Click the one with DQX on it and then put in the product code and you’ll be all set. You can fully play the game using your NA/EU Switch account since you still have to log in to the game with your JP SE account. However, you should also have your JP Switch account in hand when you have to pay the sub cost, as you can pay directly through JP eShop and then go back to using your NA/EU Switch account.
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