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  1. You’re better off just joining the team in-game and talking there, cause while there is a small discord server, it’s pretty dead like all the time and very very underdeveloped.
  2. No problem! I had a really great time! Hope we get to hang out more often! And yes a team is basically like a guild. And yes it’s in-game. All you have to do is go to the Dragon’s Den Team thread on the DQX forums and put your character name (in the hiragana or katakana symbols) and the ID and you’ll be sent an invite to the team!
  3. You are able to pay the sub through eShop on Switch or you can use Crysta on the SE Store
  4. The sub is ¥1000 a month, or about $10. There are also 2 and 3 month subs that cost ¥1950 and ¥2900 respectively.
  5. Hey! I hope you are having a blast with Dragon Quest X!!!! May I recommend joining the Dragon’s Den team? It’s full of English speaking players and we would be friends with you if you want to join!!! I’ve only been playing for about a month or so and I’ve had a great time on the team! I hope we get to be friends!!!
  6. You should be able to translate the SE website through google translate. When you sign in to your JP SE account, there will be three banners featuring SE’s different MMOs for registration. Click the one with DQX on it and then put in the product code and you’ll be all set. You can fully play the game using your NA/EU Switch account since you still have to log in to the game with your JP SE account. However, you should also have your JP Switch account in hand when you have to pay the sub cost, as you can pay directly through JP eShop and then go back to using your NA/EU Switch account.
  7. The Switch version acts the same as all the other versions so you can simply follow any of the Japanese wikis available and just use google translate Here is one that a lot of people use: https://dragon-quest.jp/ten/ Hope this helps as I also play the switch version [emoji4]
  8. Should you have character data already from the trial, it’ll transfer right over since it’s on your SE account
  9. Can’t really answer the first one since I didn’t really play trial and went straight to the switch version. There is a 3DS Version and while it is one of the few versions to not have an ip block, it also runs through the cloud so you will have a lot of issues playing that version is you don’t live in Japan. There is an English guild in-game, as well as this page and a little Discord server that welcomes new players. You have to buy the base game, but you don’t necessarily have to buy the expansions, unless you want more levels and access to events and stuff. You should really get the all-in-one package, but there is also a basic pack that gets you V1-3. You can buy the Windows version through SE Store or Amazon JP. If you get PC, you can’t play the Switch or PS4 versions as you have to buy those versions and register the product code as well. Before you think about buying the game, consider playing the trial version on Windows or PS4, as there is a monthly $10 sub cost when you upgrade to the full version.
  10. Since he forgot his ID: TQ101-099 I’m his friend and he’s currently at work so he couldn’t edit his message
  11. Thank you!!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Oops yeah I just left Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Thank you, I appreciate it Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hihi!! I finally got through the hassle of purchasing the game and I was wondering if I could join the team? Name: おちゃん ID: BD637-690 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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