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  1. First time posting in this topic. I just beat the game. Took me 118h. It's my second completed DQ game after playing through Dragon Warrior on the NES earlier this year. I completed every side quest and got through to the true ending. The only thing I didn't complete was the Secret Trial at Angri-La or any of the Tockle quests after the first (mandatory?) one. I doubt I'll ever try to complete the Secret Trial because all successful attempts I've seen online don't have any characters below 99, and some don't even hit the minimum 50 move limit. The Final Trial was hard enough. I am eager to play through the Tockle missions after I've played through the rest of the main series, though.
  2. This is exciting news! Hopefully this means we will see more Dragon Quest titles appear on Switch, hopefully 4-8 along with a remake/remaster of 9. And that offline DQX they mused about. Would be amazing to have the whole series on one console. Like others, I'm not 100% keen on the mismatched character and background resolutions, but at least they look better than the mobile versions of 1 and 2, which had ugly uneven pixel-sizing for the backgrounds. Now, what I'm especially torn on is whether to buy them digitally to support the series in the US, or buy the physical cart from PlayAsia....
  3. I can see the DQXIS content coming to the PS4/PC version as paid DLC at some point after the Switch version launches, like maybe 6 months to year afterwards. The thing about the Switch version is that all that content will be available as a physical release. If the content does come to PS4, I can't see SE releasing another physical copy with all the content for PS4. So for people who care about physical copies of games, the Switch version will always remain the definitive version (at least until the game is ported over to future consoles).
  4. If this is true, then I'm willing to bet it's going to be the original three Erdrick games that are currently on PS4. This makes even more sense when you factor in the rumor that Erdrick is going to be a playable character in SSBU. Ideally, I'd love to see 4-8 on the Switch as well. 4-6 are less likely since there aren't any console ports of the game currently available that could be easily ported over, though I think it porting the DS/mobile versions could be a possibility. 7 is a toss-up I think because I don't know how hard porting over a 3DS game would be, but I think it could be done as well. 8 I think could also be done. If it's true they are wanting them out this year, then 99% chance it's PS4 Erdrick games. The other games would require more time to port them over.
  5. That Dragon Warrior II art is just gorgeous. There's no beating Toriyama, but I think there's something to be said about the Western-inspired fantasy art of the Dragon Warrior games. It would be interesting to see such an interpretation for the rest of the series.
  6. This is fantastic news. I wonder if this would've even been published in the West by SE without Nintendo's backing. Given their track record, I think not. So thank god for Nintendo. With how successful the Switch is, hopefully this means even more Western exposure for the series. I already have DQXI on PC but this seems like ultimate version to get now. So excited!
  7. Hello, Choppasmith! This is my first post here. This project is so amazing it convinced me to join and post to thank you for your amazing efforts. I just recently got into the Dragon Quest series, and have been plugging away at the original Dragon Warrior on NES. This version of the original game will be great to have alongside the official versions. I really appreciate your stance on tackling the games in chronological order, instead of just immediately jumping into the fan favorites first. I think it's more productive to do it the way you are now. Otherwise, one might lose interest and never get around to doing the less favorite games in the series. Doing them in chronological order is fair for everyone, I think. I will be following this project closely. Thanks again for your amazing work!
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