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  1. I'm at a stage in the endgame where I've finished and unlocked almsot everything and I just wanna tear everything on IoA down and start again but I've built too much. I've visited several online islands and almost every one of them I liked completely terraformed and rebuilt parts of the island to a much finer polish. Guys, prepare yourselves before its too late, hire a golem and smash the landmarks they make you build in story quests. They're too limiting and the last one is too ugly. You can do much better~ ^.^
  2. Hey everyone. I'm "komodo", or Lloyd from Wales, UK. I'm a lifetime Dragon Quest fan and a somewhat-renowned dataminer/modder online. I've been using the site for a long time but I never really engage with forums as much as I should. So I thought I'd drop by and say 'ello! If you read this, have a great day!
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