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  1. Although I have seen some disagreeable conversations in team chat before, I would like to state that, when playing and chatting with Hemingway, Hemingway has never said anything mean or ill-mannered towards me or anyone else in the team chat. Perhaps I have missed something, but of what I have seen of past team chat conversations, Hemingway was only arguing against a certain platform for playing Dragon Quest X on and recommending the one Hemingway was using. I do not mean to speak out of line or to demean what Cranberry has said above, but I did feel that it was necessary to say this since I
  2. Here are the present spells from DQXTV 10/19: みんなはどんなあき ふくびきのあきだ とまとではらいっぱい げんきにスポーツ ならんでへいかいしき
  3. The trial version only lets you play to the ending of version 2.3. So, I don't think it will let you do the final boss for 2.4.
  4. Still loving this pig arm doll from this past New Year's Event!
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