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  1. What seems too perfect is often rotten to the bone. You can't possibly pretend to build a Utopia and not have someone escape and report what happens under the veil. Same applies to the discord server but that's the opposite in the sense that the lack of any serious rule allow the usual discord moderator's subjective judgment. In other words, this community is not better than any other, maybe worse in a way.
  2. Ah, well then, I thank you yet again and see you in game!
  3. I added a question upon editing my last message, kinda sure you did already answer by that time. So im posting again How much is it for one month of playtime?
  4. Ok i made it, i'm in the page. I can use the webmoney now.... I ask one last question, again, just to be sure. After you add any code/purchase crysta, does it involve birthday info? THANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKSTHANKS!!!!!! AH, yeah. Another thing: How much is it for one month of playtime?
  5. I followed this video from 2014 from projectCOE that showed this page I'm having troubles with. skip to 7:05 to understand what we're dealing with. I followed him and apparently it was all fine, untill 2019 kicks in and new policies change the table. Now I can't use a random name cause it keeps saying that there is something wrong with "name" and "surname". While I did as he said.
  6. Oh thank you for the accurate response! Unfortunately, between your second and last step I would add this: hiroba2.JPG.lnk I'm really confused. I dont know how to put pics...
  7. I found the "buy crysta" option on hiroba, turns out it is the same as the other site, it asks me for residential information. I take you are a little more experienced than me on this subject, I need serious help here, as I got no clue what to type in. Plus I threw in my name roughly translated from a website, hope its good.
  8. Oh lord.... So then the eshop thing is discarded, unless it still takes webmoney (pretty sure it doesn't). About the hiroba site, can you redirect me to some guide (if there's any), or give me some hints on what to click? I'm checking the site right now looking for clues Ah, and the process could ask me to insert the birth date? In that case Im stuck for good, otherwise we're solving it.
  9. Ok, you gave me some interesting tips. I can buy my sub on the eshop?!? I guess then i can't use my credit card, otherwise we wouldn't be talking about webmoney, but the eshop does accept webmoney, right? If the above can be solved on the eshop, then I shall stop fearing the SE website!
  10. That I already know, what bugs me is how am I supposed to apply the code i bought, say, from playasia, in the SE website and convert it to crysta; I was wondering the website looking for the crysta section, and I found it, but it asks for my name in japanese characters, plus postal code and other things im pretty sure aren't supposed to be foreigner friendly
  11. uff.... forget about what I wrote above, It's all fixed now, I feel a bit embarassed to tell you how I found a way around it, but I suppose I have to... Well, I typed the wrong numbers on my nickname..... Okay, so this issue is solved, and now what remains for me is to find a way to renew my subscrition, since it's been a while and I don't remember much at all of this game, plus I've only played the free month, I'm a little confused on how can I get this sub going. I saw the webmoney way seem the only available for now, and it would fine and dandy, but where the heck do I have to put the code when I get to the SE website? Thank you for your always trusty assistence, something I do remember is your kindness my friend!
  12. This is what led one of my accounts (I had two but only one was played) to get to the part where I had to give my birthday info. Now I'm not at home so when I go back I'll check if this other account has the right birthdate, I don't know why I made this mistake, perhaps I typed the wrong year. Anyways, eventually what could be a solution for the wrong birth info? Contacting the customer service is not an option?
  13. Okokokok quick update before I crash my computer in half, thus cutting all contacts with you fellas. Apparently i'm a prick (what news!) and the wrong part was the username, by now ican't recall which numbers went at the end of my name; So here I try with another that should be the second and only other possible name, this time the login speaks of suspicious activity due to location changing factors. So we have another interpretation for the same issue. Honestly? I think both are gonna be tuff to solve, but if anybody as good will to try and help me, I'd be glad. Also I firmly believe, and I'm sure you'd agree in this one, that the right account must be the one with localization issues, i'll let you folks guess why. Good night. Ah I did not joined this forum to test your acumen, I'm just sharing my daily dose of problem-solving.
  14. After enjoy my copy of Dragon Quest XI S recently, I decided it was time to come back to my dear tenth chapter. But I just now realize this may be my last stand with trying to play this game, as apparently my password wasn't the ones I remember, and therefore I had to recover it. Now, it seem that even my date of birth isn't the same I remember it was, and I don't know, I don't see a bright future with this game. Any idea I might use to try patch this mess I made? Thank you.
  15. That's it. I'm coming back and i'm getting those crystas. Now, if only I could use some help...
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