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  1. Well yeah, I'm doing fine if you care. Not logged during kids time either for the simple reason I got no clue what to do to access it. Anyway, I think I'll be back from time to time, if I find a way to get this kids time untill I decide to invest myself into another month of full anti social behaviours (which, now that I think of it, I never stopped doing!) Hope everyone is still going on, especially David (which doesn0t exist but I can't remember the name of my pal), and Bell, my sweetie. I leave you this eventual statement as a virtual whisper to my chronologically endeavour of fagocitating people attentions into my own little slice of egotism. See ya soon!
  2. The other one. Please boost me up cause I'm completely down
  3. I wrote a bunch of flatteries, so I am changing this post from a visceral and instinctive reaction to a more optimistic observation. Actually it was pretty easy to reach where my previous character left, it took me so long because I spent more time translating with google then actually playing the game. And the house schematics were not bound to character. So please Cranberry take note of the Makkubettu character that is the post below (actually a bit of boosting is still welcome eheheh)
  4. Here I am. To make this feel less sudden, I was Stoned like Jesus at my funeral, so you already know me
  5. Sure, as I said I'll make a tutorial soon. Now, in exchange for it I ask to be guided through the game. I'd really like someone to play with that could actually teach me how to play. Switch and pc are compatible versions, if yiu play pc we can still group up. If avanger want to join too it would be great!
  6. I can proudly announce my operation turned out to be the success I was sure it would have been. The servers are stable, got kicked once in about an hour, I'll have to investigate. I thank you both for the persistent help provided for the success of the work. Probably this week I'll provide a guide; I want at least another person to try this.
  7. Good info. Thank you all. I'm gonna find some eshop cards and get the digital one, so I don't have to wait for shipment.
  8. Is there any digital code vendor so that I don't have to wait for the code to be shipped?
  9. I wish so, but as far as i know (and looked for online), it does not. I would better wait what it takes for a cartridge to arrive, but I'm not sure if it really comes in cartridge (and in the case, how much do I actually still have to download for a all in one), or it's some code.
  10. It's telling it's from japan. Apparently I did it. So, soon I'll be uploading a thread on how to accomplish this in a refined tutorial, I believe It's a necessary condition not only for me as a working (and outstanding, clearly) member of a micro-society, but mostly for the fact that I found a completely free solution to switch vpn, keep in mind however that we're talking about softether, for all that's worth). This, however, can only happen once I get my copy of DQX, and here I ask you: Since I see playasia selling physical copies, is there any trustworthy site from which I can buy a virtual copy/a nintendo eshop card (in this tatest case I find it laughable that the max eshop card I can buy is 5000 Y, while the game on the eshop is 5100, how am I supposed to work this out? By buying 5000+1000?) Well that is it for now.
  11. I have the feeling this is the ultimate update to our adventure. It appears that my lack of understanding of the adapters in windows made this whole situation way more complicated thatn it could have been. Still thanks to the help of Cranberry I made it so I could share the connection not with my wi-fi adapter, but with the virtual adapter born after the first connection to a vpn in softether: this made it so I could connect the switch to the hotspot. I believe this whole thing is fixed but I'm waiting for responses both from you and Cranberry before laying the stone on this story.
  12. My friend I solved the hotspot issue, well the one I told you about. It was a mistake by my part, I shared connection with ethernet not wireless, that is now solved. However it stops connecting when I start softether. I have three paths to follow now: Solve this thing and keep using softether; Use another vpn program (I'm open to suggestions); Follow the tutorial I linked above. One way or another this is gonna end with me playing the game.
  13. Yes, my apologies to the direct interested. I have an update to announce: Nothing good, but it's one steps towards resolution. The DNS issue was due to my laptop not being allowed to share connections, this problem remains as I still cannot solve the issue. However, providence made me have another laptop where this issue isn't showing, but when attempting a connection using mhotspot It doesn't want to work, saying (on the switch) something around those words "Cannot connect to the internet. There is no answer from the server- Try again later". Welcome in my everyday problem solving pattern, I must have infuriated some eggregore to deserve this.
  14. I cannot seem to make the the switch connect to my laptop. I set up mhotspot and my switch finds the connection, but tells me thatthe DNS names can't be resolved (whatever that means) I think I might seek urgent help. But a small recap first: What I found comfortable doing for now is to use Softether and connect the switch to my laptop though mhotspot. I know Softether is not recommended by many but speaking with Cranberries she doesn't seem to be having any issues with that, however she cannot help me further as I am using a different connection metheod. Thanks.
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