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  1. Everybody seems so focused on character and storytelling but completely leaving out playability/mechanics. I'm sure DQH3 will get the same core charismatic characters from the previous series: DQ6 will ALWAYS bring Terry, DQ4 will ALWAYS bring Torneko and the twins, DQ8 will ALWAYS bring Jessica, DQ7 will ALWAYS be Gabo and Maribel. You get the idea. I couldn't care less who the other invited characters are, I feel the game will be just as good, I am sure 3 will have the cast from 11 and they're all amazing I'd be happy with any one of them. Who cares. GIVE ME IMPROVED MECHANICS. Pla
  2. If they didn't tear out the part of the code that involves recruiting monster and people want it then let the people have monsters, I don't think it makes Monster Master or the whole Ranger path any significantly powerful that it would need to have its stats be crap though
  3. I would love a remake of DQ3 with DQ11's engine and Keep the personality system but make the status bonus more significant, add old style Party Chat without the lagging menu screen and have your recruited friends' party chat change depending on their personalities (I can already feel the pain it would be for that to translate such an extensive database of dialogs), add blacksmithing and expand the class system to be similar to DQIX, with weapon skill trees and include new classes like Gladiator, Armamentalist, Ranger, Paladin and Superstar (and don't make it so Superstar is useless and
  4. XI is objectively the best Dragon Quest, it has does everything the previous games do and better: A likeable cast that gets developed unlike any other DQ, a great story, makes you cry like V, makes you laugh like VIII, even without vocations the character building is pretty good, the only thing is that its original soundtrack leaves a lot to be desired, and its carried single handedly by the legacy OST which packs a lot of nostalgia to those of us that have played these series for over a decade and in this day and age of DLC (looking at you FFXV) DQXI manages to be a complete, polished game wh
  5. tl;dr VII has slow pacing, uncompelling vignettes, meh characters, it uses the "X joined your party" when unimportant NPCs tag along, 3ds made class system worse. I don't exactly dislike VIII, my take on it is that it's the most well-rounded of the series, it's like picking Mario in Smash or Mario Kart, or the Blue Falcon in F-Zero, but I think people vastly overrate it, I can understand why as it was the first DQ for most of people who overrate VIII. At least it has some character building although the skill point system is just an illusion of character customization because who are we k
  6. I dreamtrain have a dream. There's all sorts of mods out there rebalancing abilities and difficulty out there, such as FFT, the reloaded patches for Golden Sun 1 and 2, and there's one out there for DQV that lets you recruit more monsters, I'd love to one day see the same for Dragon Quest 6 and my objective here would be to see what the community that actually likes this game thinks, pool ideas and see how much interest there is in this happening, maybe we could crowdsource this eventually. First off something that would kick up the game as if you were playing under the Stronger Mon
  7. VI first due to being my all-time favorite, now tied with XI, while XI is objectively better VI does have a soft spot in my heart, the story blew my mind and I still remember the amazing sense of wonder when I realized I could choose classes, this is the game that I have replayed the most, I have probably done every path to Hero, from Sage and Gladiator straight to Hero, also Armamentalist -> Priest -> Sage -> Hero, Armamentalist -> Fighter -> Gladiator (armamentalist is my favorite class), and Paladin -> Warrior -> Gladiator -> Hero, Luminary -> Hero on my last play
  8. Playing with Ashlynn (and having the hero go Luminary->Hero on top of that) is like playing VI under Stronger Monsters Draconian Quest so I can see why people don't use her, I never did keep her myself when I played this game in the SNES and my first playthrough on the DS. But last year when on my last playthrough, keeping her on does bring a degree of difficulty that I sought and welcomed in my last playthrough and really warmed up to her, I enjoyed that she always had something different and mildly funny to say about everything and, this can be easy to miss if you don't use her thro
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