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  1. I want to be in but it so great that you have complete such a huge series, since how long you are playing?
  2. It is very nice that you have complete the game. So is it like you stop playing this game? My elder brother used to play this role-playing game on Gamecube so I know little about it. I like to have a more role-playing game, well, there are many role play games like FIFA 18, GTA, etc. I know there are many benefits of playing a video game as it is the medium which keeps us active in works, as it includes many activities to be done simultaneously. Currently, I used to play Destiny 2 which is a shooter video game that can be played on many different platforms like PC, PS, Xbox, etc. You can also buy destiny 2 for more fun if you are looking to play another role-playing game. Destiny 2 comes with new amazing features as compared to the previous one, we have lots to do in this game, it is amazing that this game is available with new features, we have innovated weapons, less loading time, new players with a different attitude towards the goal. You can also share this game with your friends.
  3. I think yes you can play this game in multiplayer, just you have the thing what it needs.
  4. Thanks for the link you have provided, I will soon going to complete my series of a role play game and looking forward to having another but I saw the reviews of this it is amazing to buy.
  5. Is it going to be a mixup between the two? By the way, there are many other games that can be played on any platforms like PS, PC, Xbox, etc.
  6. Do you still have Mario, well, it is fantastic to have this game? currently, I am playing the dragon quest, the game I am looking for is not found yet but still I am in a way to have it.
  7. It is amazing that you got this, but I am a bit confused does this game support the Pc to play, looking forward to have this game soon. I like to explore more in the game.
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