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  1. Heck, why not. (Because of stalkers that's why dips**t) *in Bon Scott voice* DOONE STOP MAY!!! Sooooo….me. I'm 16 years old (That's in my About Me which I'm thinking I should change cuz it sounds like a fricking dating profile hahaha) My ethnicity: Hell, I'm a red-blooded American male and damn proud of it hahaha! Seriously though. Specifically, German and Italian. I have the most German in me, but my dad's side has VERY strong genes, so the end result is that I look Italian but my skin is a lighter olive. Not pale but not true olive skin. I have straight black hair, with good volume, I like it but it's stubborn, hard to style without real high-grade gels. My eyes are dark brown, but my mom's eyes are blue and I've always thought it'd be SO COOL to have blue eyes...oh well. I'm currently 5' 11"....and DAMN it's frustrating! C'mon, give me one more inch here! (One more inch TALL, y'all pervs making jokes) Weight: Like, 110-120, something ridiculous like that. I work out but it still hasn't paid off besides veins that pop out and some extra definition in my arms, and idk, decent toning. Meh. Religion: ………...Complicated, I don't really like to think about it, for reasons of my own. (My philosophical side is cringy asf.) Relationship status: What do you call it when you're taken but not officially yet? Reserved? Hell, I know, My relationship status is "Booked in advance". What was the last thing? Oh yeah, shoe size (Asl, Age, Shoe size, location lol) My boots ([email protected]$$ western boots with American flags!) are an 11, so around that. I have at least one pic of my face I'll show, but you have to message me directly for it, bc I took it while I was sexting this one time (We do it. Sorry.) So you can see all of my neck and shoulders, I cropped my chest out but still. Didn't want to offend anybody by just posting it.
  2. Well that sucks. And yeah, I guess it wouldn't work. Just a crazy idea of mine. Appreciate it, but Democrobot's right. It probably wouldn't work the way I'd like it to.
  3. Ohhh, sorry, I speak English, but I'm learning Spanish, I'm in high school. Aaaand my computer is stupid, I can't actually see the attachment...
  4. What do y'all think of setting up our own J2 Tournament? Wi-fi may have been cancelled, but we could use the Local Play options, and just keep the scoreboard and Tournament progressions online. Like, we could set up a Facebook page, or maybe Woodus and the other moderators could make a new page here? Everyone who wants to compete adds their Friend Code to the page, and we'll have battles on weekends, that way all of us who have work can still participate. We could do round eliminations to be able to manage all the competitors. And Obviously no AR use would be allowed. I don't know, maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, but would a lot of other people here enjoy that? Sorry for the half-baked idea.
  5. I wish I spoke NImzonese…..Too bad I'm stuck with Spanish.
  6. Howdy howdy howdy Dragon's Den! I'm a new member, but I have spent countless hours on the DQMJ2 pages alone. Thank you Almighty Woodus for your incredible contribution to the scouting world. I finally decided to sign up, and I'm looking forward to joining and being involved in the community! Last week I finally bought a second game so I can make the rest of the monsters. I got into Dragon Quest because I used to play Pokémon games, but the ability system was always a bit lacking in my opinion. So I looked online for some games kind of similar (no offense to DQ, but they are a little bit similar) found DQMJ2 on Amazon, bought it and I've been hooked on it for years now. I've played a few of the mainstream games, though I don't own any anymore, but I always come back to DQMJ2 for some reason. If anybody else still plays and wants to talk DQ, hit me up! P.S. Woodus your slime emoji are F*ING AWESOME!
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