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    Acting, singing, dancing, playing guitar, hanging out with my friends, making new friends, (I'm quite the social butterfly lol) and obsessing over DQ. We all suck down here.
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Howdy howdy howdy!

I'm a 16 year-old guy who loves life and people, and my passion is acting! I'm going to make it big someday, that's my dream, and I'll make it come true. Second to acting is singing! I love to sing, Broadway and 80s rock are my favorites. (what can I say, I'm a man of diversity😂.) I'm an upbeat, positive guy,  and there isn't much that can make me lose my cool. When I'm not busy with life, I  love to sit on the front porch and strum good ole' rock songs on my Yamaha. I joined the site to be more involved with people who I know love a few of the same things. I welcome messages, and I'll talk with any and everybody. Fair warning ladies: I'm a bit of a flirt, and I like to tease, in a funny, playful way. I mean no harm by it. So, that's a little slice of me. My favorite DQ game has to be J2. I'm not as hardcore as some of y'all.😂 Zoma is probably my favorite monster, his traits are good, his skill really captures the feel of him in my opinion, and the shockwaves in his animations look absolutely epic. 


I'll see y'all around!

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