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  1. Testing my sprites ingame. I suck at graphics, tried my best to replicate dw3 nes feel. Google Chrome makes it blurry, it looks right when you download it and open with default windows photo viewer or mspaint.
  2. Yes, it's nostalgia factor mostly, and I've always been more of an 8bit than 16bit guy. Making assets is way easier and faster too, that counts especially when you're working alone.
  3. From what I've seen Nestalgia very often uses 4-5 colors in their sprites and that makes graphics seem like average MS Paint pixelart rather than retro styled gfx. It's turn based so there's always place for my project I think.
  4. Was that mmo you played using turn based combat or real time combat? I've been playing Ragnarok Online for a long long time and my focus would definitely be dynamic pvp stuff like castle sieges or battlegrounds. I'm always in favor of cutting out as much boring grind as possible.
  5. DW3 is definitely one of my favourite games and a few years ago I've had and idea to convert it to multiplayer (and change gameplay to real time combat ofc). Server/Client are things that you use to build your own Tibia server and it's open source, basically a complete engine for your 2d mmo with very active community. At the time I wasn't as aware of NES's limits so some sprites have more colours that they should. The thing that was also a problem was that Tibia uses 32x32 sprites so every DQ sprite would have to be resized 2x. It sucks because some objects would still move by 1px and that looked very unNESish. My C++ knowledge is very basic so I wasn't able to change sprite size, it would require changing tools like map editor and that's completely beyond of what I can do. I'm not able to write a map converter, so you can imagine how much time I spent recreating every detail of the map square by square. Even if it would have been finished I'd probably get sued and nobody would want to play it anyway so the idea was abandoned. Too much work for one guy. I'm posting this because maybe someone will have fun looking at this and imagining how cool it would be to have a decent 8bit styled mmo 😊. Album: https://imgur.com/a/vU0EIRK I've recently been thinking on digging into a project like this again, but this time with 100% of my own assets and ideas.
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