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  1. I didn't put it in the doc, but generally with those characters, those will actually be the character personalities. I just didn't add them just to make it a little more accessible I guess. Actually funny enough I think it fits just fine, since if you use DQ1, you can expand on Alefgard while DQ2 can expand on Torland. With the scenario as well, this will open up the gateway to the upper world (potentially a reference to DQ7 manga). Yeah this is extremely ambitious to say the least lol. Bro same. I feel like it would be really great.
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DCPIGVulEi6MJBJPVqU7z5xYoiYLeFkLICjijxqo2Qc/edit?usp=sharing Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing well during this entire crisis. I wanted to just post my remake idea for those that might be interested. As we all know, this may or may not happen but I figured it would be really great if it did happen. This is just my take on it, although everyone should expect a lot of spoilers whether from the Erdrick saga or outside of it. So viewer discussion is advised. With that being said, please let me know of any feedback as this is version 1 of the project.
  3. I really wish they fully translated the manga. It's so good
  4. I am indeed actually. Once the concept finishes, it will be posted somewhere in the forum!
  5. Thank you so much. Currently working on a DQ3 remake concept and I figured I added lore from all this. So this would help out tremendously!
  6. That is really interesting to be honest! Is it ok if I could have a link to this, I just want to see out of curiousity.
  7. I can see that. It could explain why the hero of Dragon Quest III would be so powerful in the first place. Even if he doesn't have the mark. But if he is a descendant of Luminary (Erdwin or Eleven) it could be possible that the title of Erdrick is almost a birthright thing? Idk. It could be a whole Legend of Zelda thing where it's a link/ganon dynamic.
  8. Just a simple question. Is it possible that Arusu and his descendants are either directly related to the Luminary biologically, Arusu being his reincarnation, or is he just simply that strong.
  9. I hope the Serenica timeline leads into something unique.
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