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  1. Sorry for the late reply! I'm trying to play it on a modded 3DS. Had to shelf this for a while until I had access to a Windows computer, but this computer (Windows 7) doesn't seem to be extracting the files correctly, and even after downloading the HackingToolkit (v.9) I can't find the "HackingToolkit9DS.exe" anywhere; when I try to run some of the files in the download it says I need to install "SetupUS.exe" but I can't find that anywhere either.
  2. Hey all, I'm having trouble setting up the English Patch. I did all the "pre-work" of installing Luma, etc., and am now going through the instructions on https://gbatemp.net/threads/translation-dragon-quest-monsters-joker-3.492313/ I've done everything successfully up to the instructions to "Run the HackingToolkit9DS.exe", but I'm not exactly sure how to do that. I'm on a MacBook Pro; I've downloaded the v9 of Hackingtool like the instructions tell me to, but I'm a bit lost on what to do next. Can anyone help me out? Thank you!
  3. Hey all! I just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any of the action; I know there have been fan translations of Joker 3, DWM1, and apparently an older translation of Joker 2 Pro, but are there any others? Any word on if DQM2 3DS will be finished, or if Joker 3 Pro is underway?
  4. Actually to follow up on this, it looks like the translation for DQM2 has been halted And I haven't been able to find any other ongoing DWM translations at the moment; if you do know of any others please let me know!
  5. Okay cool, thanks for the reply and appreciate the help offer! And I didn't know they were working on a translation for the DQM2 remake, that's awesome! I'm gonna look into that more.
  6. Hey all, new user and longtime DWM fan here! Had some questions about this patch for Joker 3: 1. Do I still need to purchase a Japanese system in order to play the game, even with the patch?2. Is there a good website/forum somewhere to get detailed help on installing the patch? I'm very tech-challenged.3. Is there any word of a planned translation for 3 Professional?Thank you!
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