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  1. Level 40 is up now! Very exciting, though I am bad with these things when it comes to my memory of how they went. So even though I have seen them all up to this point, i have no idea what's happened, so I may have to just re-watch them all again with this one tacked on the end. Not that I'd mind that, of course.
  2. Sorry for the double post but #39 has appeared! Uploaded just a few days ago.
  3. Font attached(if you still need it that is). Your welcome. Rustikalis.DT.rar
  4. That font looks like it'd be too slim though, you'd have to widen the characters for them to look like the ones in the title screen. But other than character width, the font is perfect.
  5. Name's Raven, been a fan of DW/DQ for a long time. First game was DW1 on NES, I remember we got it free kuz they gave it away with Nintendo Power back in the day. It's actually the only one that I've ever completed. I have wanted to play the others to completion, but it seems I don't ever have the time lol. Every time I try to play one I end up only going halfway because I become busy with other things. Really want to play them all one day tho... I own 1-3 on NES, the DS remakes of 4, 5, 6, and 9, and I just recently got the remakes of 7 and 8 on 3DS. So I have them... I just need the time to play lol. I started playing 7 recently, I hope I can actually finish it this time. I played it a few times back on PS1, when I borrowed it from someone. Never finished it back then tho kuz he wouldn't let me keep it long enough. Back then, when I was a kid, I actually had time for playing games like this. Now, not so much.
  6. This looks pretty cool. I think that depends on which version he wants to wholly represent - the NA version of DW says "Run", but in JP DQ, I think it is indeed "Flee", and I think in the SFC remake it says Flee as well. Don't quote me on this tho. Regarding the proper logo - there's probably someone at Romhacking.net who could/might be willing to help out with that? idk.
  7. He hasn't replied to me personally regarding this, but I went through the comments of the last video (#38, since it was the most recent - 7 months ago), and I came across this comment here: This was 2 weeks ago - very recent, so I can only assume by this that the last 5 ARE coming, there's just no specific timeline on when. EDIT: Oh, and just as a curiosity, if anyone knows where we can watch the ones that were dubbed into English, that'd be really cool to see how different they were. I dunno how easy they'd be to find though, The Wikipedia article on it says "The English dub lasted 13 episodes and was never released on home video." EDIT 2: I did my own research on my request, and I found all 13 on Youtube - not the highest quality in some of them, but again, can't complain too much. English Dub Youtube Playlist They are quite interesting in comparison to the original Japanese versions.
  8. be careful not to pull ALL the subtitles from the ones on Youtube - Some of them he has the English subs hardcoded in - so the SRT files will be in Japanese or some other language. I myself made this mistake. The only ones you will need SRT's for are 11 through 22. 23 and on he has them hardcoded in(which, tbh I wish he hadn't done, they look kind of ugly the way he did them. But can't complain too much I guess.)
  9. https://anime.thehylia.com/downloads/series/dragon-quest The first 10 are here - Fansubbed by ANBU from the original Japanese versions. So they aren't the localized episodes that Saban put out in the US. You can download the .MKV's with the subs integrated or you can just watch them right there on the site.
  10. So I just discovered this Anime existed, and I found the first 10 episodes subbed by ANBU(still havent watched them all yet, but they're great so far). Wanting more I scavenged the depths of the interwebz and found this thread - and the mention of this guys' channel - Element7. His subs of the episodes go up until "Level 38", which was uploaded 7 months ago. 5 episodes short of having them all. Might have to contact him to see what the status of the project is, see if he plans on releasing the last 5... I'm in the process of downloading them, and using https://ultrasubs.com/ to get the subs as .srt to use in VLC. Hopefully the last 5 come at some point and we can have them all subbed!
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