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  1. I just splurged on myself and picked up a new guitar recently, but unfortunately my practice as of late has been very inconsistent. : ( I've been wanting to practice and learn a couple songs as well but nothing has really stuck on me and kept me interested for long. But! On the brighter side, I backed up my computer so in the scenario that it croaks at least all my data is safe, so yay! I have that going for me at least LMAO. Does anyone know where to pick up good ol' Dragon Quest plushies? There's a Malroth on eBay that's seriously tempting me and I know I shouldn't go for it... but self-control is something I lack!
  2. Most of my hope and excitement goes towards Smash Bros this time around....I've fallen as a sucker to leaks for this E3, I think most of it stems from my hype over the possibility of there being a Dragon Quest representative in Smash! One can dream... ; ( Although...... Banjo and Kazooie does sound nice too, right? I feel like Nintendo always takes the headlines of E3 especially this time around with Ultimate being a thing. It's kind of sad seeing people war and debate over who is going to be the potential fighter for this upcoming DLC release, honestly I'm just happy to get some content from Nintendo regardless of who they put out as the new fighter! Other than that I kind of want to see a new F-Zero game but I feel like that won't happen anytime soon.
  3. I just finished playing Joker 3 recently, pretty fun game but man... the amount of recolored monsters kind of hurt my heart ; (, It felt like a really short game honestly but I'm glad I finally got around to playing some Dragon Quest lately! It's been quite fun and nostalgic for me now that I've picked up the series again! I have to admit I kind of cheesed the game in a sense and it felt a bit easy at times when you get really lucky at scouting then you end up with an overleveled/overpowered team early. Regardless, I'd play it again. I bet the Pro version is better but I think I'm done with it. No idea where I'll go from here, maybe I'll check out DQ XI? If anyone can vouch for that game haha! I wanna start playing Terry's Wonderland 3D as I'm preeetty sure there's an English patch for it that's been out for awhile so that'll keep me occupied for sure but I don't know if I can handle another game full of grinding and synthesizing. I feel a bit burned out from monsters OTL.
  4. Hi!! I'm new here! Well, I used to lurk this website without an account a long time ago for various reasons but the main one being I was really interested in a DQMJ2: Professional Translation thread and always peeked at it due to my love for the series! (I wonder if it's still around here somewhere? : o ) With that being said, I'm a huge fan of the Monsters series (I probably beat DQMJ 1&2 like a handful of times by now LMAO.) along with Rocket Slime as well! Other than those two my favorite main series games are probably VIII and IV mostly due to the soundtrack, Dragon Quest's music has always been a big favorite of mine regardless of the game truthfully! I actually wanted to make an account on here because my love for Dragon Quest sparked again when I began learning the Overture Theme on guitar and started having some serious nostalgia which in the end brought me back here! I'm really happy to see this place still up! : > Anywho, I hope to be on here regularly to make new friends and see everyone around in this wonderful community~! ❤️
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