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    Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, .hack//, Dragon Ball, Bomberman, Quake, Tokusatsu, Mecha, Roleplaying, Comic Books, TCGs, MMOs, Conventions, Cosplay, Japanese(Language), Nu-Metal.
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    Dragon Quest VIII (PS2)
    Young Yangus (PS2)
    DQ Monsters Joker 2 (DS)
    Itadaki Street (DS)
    DQ Monster Tamer (MOB)
    DQ Heroes II (PC)

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About Me

Currently actively playing vidya: DQX, DQ8, Hoshi no DQ, Dragon Ball Online Global, .hack//Fragment, Fantasy Earth Zero, Fantasy Earth Genesis, FantasyLifeOnline, カジプロ, Melty Blood:AACC, Hokuto no Ken, SSBM, Super Bomberman R, Chocobo Mystery Dungeon, GetAmped, Quake, MGS2.

Games I can play non-vidya: Go, Shogi, Riichi Mahjong, Texas Hold 'Em, Cho Han, Pai Gow, Oicho-Kabu, Duel Masters OCG, Vanguard Standard TCG, Dragon Ball Super TCG, Dragon Quest TCG, .hack//ENEMY, Battle Spirits OCG, Rangers Strike, Navia Drapt.

Series I like to/want to roleplay: Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy, .hack//, Kingdom Hearts, Mega Man Battle Network, Marvel Comics, Cardfight!! Vanguard, Original Stories.


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