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  1. Farming any and all slimes wandering our way!
  2. So far we've been garnering a decent amount of interest, up to five potential participants now! Here is the server link where discussion is currently taking place https://discord.gg/UAJPYAR
  3. Hi everyone, I'm forming a DQ based roleplay group on discord for anyone interested, here's the link https://discord.gg/qPsuDC

  4. Hello all, I've recently been poking around discord etc searching for interest in a DQ Roleplay group, and it seems that there are a few of us. I've decided to take initiative and try to get something off of the ground. The first order of business will be determining where people would rather play, either here via forum posts or via discord. Either way, the activity level expected will be at least one post per week, semi-literate one paragraph posts minimum. The second order of business will be determining what DQ game (if any, or an amalgam,) will be used as the setting, both this and the above business will be resolved via a poll either here or on discord. If this sounds like something that interests you, please contact me by any of the following: replying to this post, Forum DM, or discord @ qwetroop#7809
  5. Honestly I'd primarily just want sprite consistency. One of my biggest gripes about that game is how jarring it looks for NPCs to be 2D sprites while your character and field monsters are full 3d models. That and even more postgame content will serve me another million years.
  6. A question in the amazon comments brings to light my only hesitation, is there a possibility of a collectors edition that hasn't been announced yet? Cause if so I have to hold out for that haha.
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