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  1. If you guys are interested in seeing more unused content from DQVIII, keep an eye on its TCRF page. It gets updated from time to time. Mostly by punk7890 with some additional input by me. All of the unused NPC's from my post have already been documented there, by the way.
  2. You'll need to extract DATA.DAT and DATA.HD6 from the game's image file. Either dump it from your disc or find somewhere online, you're on your own there. Next, google "dq8ext". Unzip it and drag DATA.HD6 into it, but make sure that DATA.DAT is in the same folder. Once it finishes unpacking the files, the window will close and you'll see all the files in the folder .HD6 and .DAT files are in.
  3. They even have walking animations. Some have blinking and mouth animations. I also noticed that p005a and p006a are depicted on the pre-release screenshot. They are seen having a conversation behind Hero.
  4. Thanks for helping. I have but one more question to ask. The second archive, which contains music and voice lines, has these battle lines for Jessica. They can be found in btl folder. She makes lewd puns about breasts such as "Booby trap!". I'm pretty sure these were cut as well, as a T-rated game would probably not allow that. You can listen to them directly.
  5. Hi everyone. This is my first time posting here (and the reason I came here, actually). I'd like to have your help in figuring something out. A TCRF user by the name of punk7890 has discovered a way to swap Trode with almost any model in Tryan Gully. To give you a better understanding, if you unpack the game's .DAT archive, you'll find a chara folder, which contains all non-event models, including the monsters and the NPC's. I was testing various models which can be swapped and found a bunch of interesting characters. I'll include the pictures and their model names below. Apologies for the bla
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