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  1. DQ 4 let's play p1 yea I wasn't satisfied with the game lagging but I uploaded a video tonight, it still lags but for the most part it is satisfactory. I put up the link rn
  2. getting charm resistant gear and snap, crackle, poof helps a lot. If you have boulderbringer use it and well keep hitting hard with your other units while keeping passive damage through poison and boulderbringer might helps. sword stance/greatsword guard might help against physical attacks tho you need to watch out for her desperation attack or critical hit. If you can prevent charm from worki g this fight might be a lot easier.
  3. 1. Alternate weddings 2. using only tactics challenge a.k.a No follow orders tactic in draconian mode. It can make fights interesting or plain frustrating so maybe adding some more specific tactics might help. 3. make the hero react a bit like dq 8 does. 4. Female luminary considering dq 3,4, 9 and 10 have heroines you could add a heroine. The only differe ce is probably equipment, aesethics and a few extra lines. 5. Personality stuff like dq 3 for the hero/heroine does but it can't be changed later on, It helps flesh out the hero/heroine and gives some slight modifications to level ups which can mean unique hero/heroine per playthrough. Tho this mechanic can be exploited if you know which personality is broken. I would suggest keeping a broken personality away tho. you can either choose the personality or undergo a trial like dq 3 does. 6. one skill that shows you what element/status effect the enemy is weak against would be helpful.
  4. yeah you should definetly get DQ 11 if you can buy it. It's pretty good.
  5. I meant five years ago maybe it was seven to eight years ago.
  6. I'm using an emulator which might no go literally fullscreen. I can test this out today well if it works that's good. I can try making the game cover the fullscreen by modding the canvas size I guess. It needs some testing which I have been doing yesterday.
  7. I'd like to cut down the recording time but since there are around nine games (I have nine games).I still think around 30 minutes is a good time since there is a lot of content to be made. Tho I will definetly cut down the grinding as much as possible.
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