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  1. Holy crap I got the platinum in ~108 hours.
  2. I fell into that one my first playthrough. I was like "yeah I'll do this dungeon, oh a chest, oh an orb!"
  3. I was thinking a different kind of "toy" that starts with D
  4. Don't mind me just gonna be over here F5ing the PAX EAst registration page cause badges are gonna go up soon. $60 a day this year so I may only get 1 day. I went Friday and Saturday last year. Might do Thursday and Friday cause Saturday is always wicked packed.
  5. The 2 spoiler bois you chose I actually love their design. Especially the first one I agree with your statement. He creeps me the hell out too.
  6. At $25 a sale will probably be a good time to grab it. I'm in no rush to get it though.
  7. Did the Erdrick's Future House quest last night. How dare they talk bad about my boy Ortega. The fight was actually pretty sketchy and almost killed my hero.
  8. That was elementary school and I still do the M-I-s-s-I-s-s-I-pee-pee-I "song"
  9. My High School English teacher taught us the easy way to spell assassination or assassin is to write "ass" twice.
  10. I hope they never make it cause you'd all be able to see how bad my hot takes really are.
  11. Oh hell yeah I'll absolutely play the game in 2D down the line. I wanted to see the new stuff in 3D.
  12. Yeah it turned me off from the feature all together. My time in Tickington is my only exposure to it now and that's fine. I started a new file in 2D but decided the 3D aspects of the game are the real selling point and make the game what it is. Plus I've been playing too much 2D Dragon Quest this year anyways.
  13. More info tomorrow (10/16), most likely today by the time you read this.
  14. I got Revenge of the Bird King and Xeodrifter for 99 cents with my good points. Bird King is fine but I probably won't play more than the 10 minutes I spent with it. Cosmic Stat Heroine is fun. I played it on PS4 when it launched. I mighr get Saturday Morning RPG at such a low price I don't remember ever seeing it on sale.
  15. I've got quite a few RPGs lined up. Juggiling DQ XIS, DQ III, and Ni no Kuni. The Outer Worlds comes out next Friday and I'm really interested in Jedi Fallen Order. I guess this is my punishment for not buying a 2019 game until July.
  16. I figured that was the case. Pretty cool that you have to do things in other worlds to complete quests. Really makes the series feel connected. I got the ship tonight. I know I should go to Zwaddurst or however you spell it but Porta Valor is right there once you leave Gondolia. Might head to the next Tockle location at The Warriors Inn and head back to Valor.
  17. There's a list here on the Den for 2D mode. I believe somebody posted one for 3D mode to Reddit. Not to find where they are, I have no problem exploring for them. I'm talking about the actual quests. The IX one mentions going somewhere to find a fygg but you can't go anywhere else in the current area.
  18. My subscription ended a few months ago but it's been cool checking out their features on the website.
  19. If I see one more person bash on Veronica I will call upon the wrath of the elder gods to smite you where you stand. Favorites: TORNEKO MOTHA#$*!IN TALOON Erdrick Veronica Sylvando Psaro Ashlynn (even though I never used her) Milly Least favorite: The twins from DQ IV The boomerang lady in DQ Heroes The main guy character in DQ Heroes II Sancho Nevan Wait you like Yangus?
  20. So hopefully there's a good walkthrough for the Tockle quests at some point. I got the IX Observatory one and it seems I have to wait until a quest comes up with the area I need to go to. Those little green sparkles above the books are gonna kill me if I can't complete stuff right away.
  21. Wait. Even at 99 he's a challenge? Jeeeezus. Glad I don't play with Draconian stuff.
  22. That got me the most in my initial playthrough. Going through on Switch I'm dreading getting back there cause I'm not ready for the feels again 😕 I got Sylvando tonight and am headed to Gondolia. Picked up the pastword and headed back to Tickington before calling it a night.
  23. I think you're a month early. Or Canadian, eh?
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