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  1. Ibuprofin and Dunkin Donuts is always my go to when I need to get rid of The Zings.
  2. I just have to type "Ni" and my phone already knows the next thing type is "no Kuni is the greatest game ever made". It also has the f-bomb ready to go after most things.
  3. I feel like it would be easier to type out the whole title instead of trying to remember that abbreviation.
  4. Yeah I tend to play the NES and SNES games in handheld so I don't really have a need for them. You can use them to play the Switch versions of the Dragon Quest games though...
  5. I only got to 99 in XI so I could get the platinum. I'll usually level to what I need to get to where I need to beat a boss.
  6. For those with a NSO account the NES controllers are on sale for $30 (were $60). The SNES ones won't be back in stock until 2020 and I have a feeling after the stock of the NES ones dry up they won't be selling them again. https://store.nintendo.com/nintendo-entertainment-system-controllers.html
  7. It's actually about the same price digitally but I'd really prefer a physical copy. Digital stuff spooks me, man.
  8. Anyone read the Star Wars: Infinities series? I'm looking into getting the trade of it which includes 8 issues of "The Star Wars" which is a rendition of the original screenplay for Star Wars. I can get them a bit cheaper separately but the site I'm ordering from has it listed as "special order" and they have to get it from somewhere else before they can ship it to me. I don't want to get 2 or 3 of the books and not be able to get one for whatever reason. Might just suck it up and buy the trade since they have it in stock at one of their stores.
  9. And then don't worry about the riddle for the statues we'll just place the right item for you.
  10. I thought the beginning of Ni no Kuni had bad backtracking. I played for an hour last night bouncing between like 3 areas. I know it takes awhile to get into a fight but come on! I'm about to gather the last of the first tablets so if I remember correctly I'm about to go to the first island with the female warrior and actually kill a slime or 2. Looking forward to playing the game though I may have to bash through the last part of Jedi Fallen Order before giving it my full attention.
  11. I decided to play it after listening to your Slime Time episode. I stopped listening when the spoilers started cause I tend to spoil myself on old DQ games before I played them.
  12. I think I got TO the class changes. The last thing I remember about the story was with the robots in the castle or something and the scientist was doing something with one in his house?
  13. I think it's time for me to start Dragon Quest VII. I'm just about to finish up Jedi Fallen Order and I've taken enough of a break from DQ games. I'll be playing it on 3DS and it's the last one I need to beat in the main series, I got around 13 hours in the first time I played and stopped.
  14. The wild area is NUTS. I've gotten an Espeon and Slyveon at the Lake of Outrage. I'm almost at 300 caught since I did some breeding to get the baby Pokémon and first and second evolutions of some that I have a part of their line. I was looking at the Dex and there's a few Sword exclusives I didn't know about and a few more trade evolutions I'll need.
  15. Not to get dark but I hate these last 2 months of the year. My family doesn't enjoy getting together like they used to when my grandma was alive and keeping us together and it's just not the same. I usually get better by March but man I hate the winter in New England. I hope everything works out for you.
  16. I got drunk and did some Black Friday shopping. Got Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon Conquest (Conquest was free, B1G1 free on DS games) from Gamestop. A Stardew Valley Poster and a retro IGN shirt from The Yetee. And finally a Stardew Valley varsity jacket from Fangamer. Have I mentioned I like Stardew Valley? I almost got a tattoo related to it before I got my Dragon Quest one.
  17. I rarely replay games, but that one's been pulling at my brain. I keep telling myself Rune Factory 4 is coming for Switch with better fighting and I know I'll sink 100 hours into it. Holding strong. I've tried to play a Harvest Moon game and Rune Factory 4 after Stardew Valley and I can't get more than an hour into them. Stardew Valley is perfect and going back to something that inspired it is impossible to me now because I feel like it does everything better than what came before it.
  18. So apparently I'm back into Stardew Valley. It's one of my favorite games and playing it on Switch makes it easy to sink hours on end into it. I picked up my second file again and I'm just about out of Spring Year 1 so I'm pretty much starting fresh.
  19. That was amazing lol. I have Shield so if anyone needs those exclusives I can help. I'll also be looking for the Sword exclusives.
  20. Where's that Platty "It's not coming" stamp when you need it? I started playing SteamWorld Quest last night and love it. I'm biased because I like everything the company makes but I didn't expect to like it. With the decks only being 8 cards for each character there really aren't any complicated things to think about and it really becomes a matter of combo attacks and learning weaknesses. Ended my night by getting my ass handed to me by a boss but I realize what I did wrong and fell I'll be able to beat him next time.
  21. So you can catch things that require trading...welly, well, well I might be able to complete the Pokedex by myself if I get lucky with online trades for the starters.
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