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  1. Only 6 hours remain between me and a whole lotta video game time. Hopefully some hiking next week too.

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    2. DrippySlimeStar


      Nah I work a 9-5 in an office but we have the 4th and 5th off then I used vacation time for all of next week off.

    3. ignasia


      Ah, very nice.  Have fun on your week off.  What do you plan to play?

    4. DrippySlimeStar


      Got Trails of Cold Steel on PS4 a few days ago that I've been into. Trying to stay with one long ass RPG at a time. I need to do side quests in Chrono Trigger to be able to beat the final boss but I'm done with that game...I don't want to put any more effort into it.

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